10 Most Inspiring Moments Of All Time In Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness is how the customers feel, and associated with the brand products and the company. Brand Awareness helps in making a good connection between the customers and the brand business. 

If you have noticed that many brand names are used as an ordinary term for any product just like that brand is the real term for it. Yes, that’s brand awareness.

When more customers, start recognising and interacting with the firm that means the graph of brand awareness is increasing.

How can a firm work increase brand awareness? What are the strategies used by them?

Strategies used to Increase Brand Awareness

  1. Social Media Marketing

helps in giving recognition of the brand. In today’s era, the usage of social media has increased a lot and people like to interact with companies and their brands through social media platforms. Thus, effective marketing can be a proven asset to the company. One thing that should keep in mind is the algorithm and users of every platform. The way of marketing should change with the change in social media platforms. And you can see your growth with the various brand awareness measurement methods that can help you to keep an eye on your company’s development.

  1. Famous Face

What is more exciting when your favourite celebrity promotes a certain brand? This strategy of making the famous personality a brand ambassador can increase the chances of your recognition in the industry. Using the face or the voice of a popular personality entices customers and this thing helps them to remember the brand name just after seeing the connected personality.

  1. Inspiring messages:

The regular customers or common people who are witnessing the social issues want that famous brand to talk about those issues and this thing is used positively by companies. They design their brand logos or use hashtags and do campaigns that raise awareness. This leads to an increase in reach and engagement.

10 inspiring moments of all time in brand awareness are:

  1. Nike: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.
  2. Walmart: Save money. Live better
  3. Three: Holiday spam
  4. Always: keep going #LikeAGirl
  5. Pret: little Veggie Pop-up
  6. Spotify : 2018 goals
  7. BMW: The ultimate driving machine
  8. Apple: Think different
  9. Wegmans: Consistent Low prices.
  10. 10. Coca-Cola: To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.

There are many more brands that are inspiring in nature and work to spread awareness and yet beneficial for them too.

  1. Designing the brand identity

effectively also helps a lot. Brand Design is the very first thing seen by a customer So, it should be full of creativity and try to make it your style. Because whenever the customer will remember your brand there is always the one thing that should stick in their head is your way of presenting your brand or style.

The last-mentioned strategy may be complicated to understand because many questions arise like What is Brand Identity design? Why is it so important? you have much work to do in your company So how will you manage to design the brand identity yourself? If not you then whom to hire? Is it cost-effective?

Let’s know everything one by one.

What is a Brand Identity Design?

It’s the way customers look at here your brand. They just see some design and brand name clicks in their mind “yes, it is that brand, I bought the dress last week from”.

It can be a logo, a small design, style. 

You can take many examples from daily life if you see something related to the brand logo you like “isn’t that cool brand”. This creates brand awareness among customers. 

Now, who designs it well? Is it necessary to find a professional designer? 

Brand Identity Design Firm does all this work of designing an innovative brand identity for your company and yes it’s necessary to hire only a professional and skilled one. Search for the best and experienced designer in your city to get an effective result, you can’t take a single risk when it comes to brand identity.

Best designers work according to the product of your company and the type of customers related to it. Because no matter, if your logo is unique until the customers can’t decipher what type of products offered by the associated company. It is called the relevant logo or the design of the brand.

The two things always keep in mind while designing is 

  1. Communication

The logo is designed for better communication between the customer and the business. So, it should provide a short message through the design of the logo.

  1. Appropriation 

You can not design anything for any brand. It should match with the company and customers’ needs. The Brand Identity Design Firm keeps this at priority and talks to the client first about how the company wants to be their logo.

How Brand Identity Design Firms are best?

Brand identity plays a crucial role in increasing potential customers.

There are some points used by Design firms to design the brand logo in a way to attract more traffic offline or online.

Purpose of your company

Design firms work only to the needs, purpose and expectations of the corporation. They ask what they are producing, what are their plans, their upcoming projects, policies, etc. The more they know, the more they design better.

In this way, they can design a creative and unique brand logo that can stand out in the industry. So, better to open up completely and try to explain what you need for your company.

Researching the Industry

After knowing the needs of the company, the Brand Identity Design Firms research well about the company and other companies in the same line. To know that what they are designing should not look like a copy of each other, and also to know some facts that attract more audience. 

The colour, fonts, size, texture, pictures, design whatever they use is only after the proper research. 

Eye-catching images can excite customers to know more about the brand, and compel them to engage. 


After knowing what the company needs, they start sketching whatever comes to their mind and mix up the best ones. It helps in analysing the design and text that matches the most with the strategies of the company. After every design, they confirm with clients if they like it or not. If not then, again the process begins until the best design is out. 

Now they make the final draft on the software and play with colours, texture, size etc. These things matter a lot in representing the company. As I already mentioned that only after researching and knowing facts the design is made. Maybe because some picture or colour is associated with some products in such a way that has the power to create a huge mob of customers to buy or use your brand products.

I hope this article will be helpful to you.

Thank you for reading.

Author Bio:

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at Sprak Design. He would love to share thoughts on Brand Identity Design Firm, Lifestyle Design, Branding Firm, Exhibition design etc..