10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Ranking of Your Website in 2021

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is the process of improving or enhancing the traffic of a website through multiple strategies, practices, and actions. As there are different types of Search Engine Optimization that SEO experts deploy in their techniques, including On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, Technical SEO, but Local SEO has great importance for those businesses that have their physical appearance.

Significance of Local SEO

If you’re running a business with a physical appearance and providing services in a specific area, consider hiring local search engine optimization services from a Quality SEO Company. Local SEO is all about helping people find your business locally on search engines like Google or Bing for the services they are looking for in their area.

This type of SEO improves your local business’s position or ranking in local search engine rankings by utilizing various tactics. According to research, almost 75% of internet users don’t go on the second page; they choose what they need on the first page results. That’s why improving position in local search engines is essentially a necessary task when it comes to taking a business to the next level.

Most Important Local SEO Tips

Although various factors and tips affect your business’s ranking in search engines, this article will summarize the 10 most important local search engine optimization tips that will help you improve your business locally against the national or international level.

  • Create a Google My Business Page

When it comes to local SEO, the first and foremost step in the whole process is creating Google My Business Page. It is regarded as more important than email marketing, social media marketing, or other advertising mediums. For improving GMB (Google My Business) page performance, use local keywords in content, create high-quality backlinks, and claim local directory listings. Complete it with a phone number, physical address, working hours, and other necessary information.

  • Match Your Name, Address, Phone Number on GBM with your Website

If you want to improve your website’s ranking in local search engines, then keep the same NAP (Name, Address & Phone Number) on Google My Business with your website. Keeping the details the same will help search engines collecting accurate data about a business. Moreover, keep the same template of NAP same on other local directories and backlinking websites.

  • Claim Your Local Listing on Bing Places & Yelp

Most businesses don’t consider Bing SEO; however, it is 3rd largest search engine after Google & YouTube. So fill the necessary form like GMB on Bing Places, then verify your business location. Same like that, Yelp is also a trusted website with 80 million users each month. It is a free website at a basic level, so make your business’ account here and ask customers to write honest reviews on it.

  • Get Reviews from Your Clients

Getting magnificent and trusted reviews on Google My Business page is not only essential for improving local search engine rankings, but it also motivates other visitors to buy from you. For this process sending text messages or email to your customers and asking them for writing reviews on your Facebook, Google, or Yelp pages is the best practice.

  • Optimize Voice Search 

With the increase in the trend of voice search on Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, or Amazon Alexa, more businesses are making their voice search optimization strategies. Moreover, it is an essential fact that more than 80% of voice searches are location dominant. During doing voice searches, customers use long-tail keywords, so make sure your content tone should be conversational.

  • Create Location Pages on Your Website

When it comes to local search engine optimization, your website’s location pages also play a significant role in it. Add Google My Business base location page on your website and add necessary information like name, address and phone number, business hours, testimonials, promotions, and other available options.

  • Website Submission in Local Directories 

Website submission in local directories for improving local SEO is practically essential. There are different categories and types available on these websites; choose one that perfectly suits your business and create an account. Make sure you submit your website on those local directory websites with high domain authority and page authority.

  • Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

According to stats for desktop vs. mobile users, more than 50% of traffic came from mobiles on websites. Making a mobile-friendly website increases not only websites’ traffic but also improves local search engine ranking. Google prioritizes a website that is mobile-friendly because it gives users a fantastic experience.

  • Improve Your Presence on Social Media Websites

Underestimating the importance of social media for local SEO is the most significant fault. Recent research reveals that social media websites have 2.8 billion active users. When customers search for local services or brands, social media profiles also appear in search results. Set up your business profiles on famous social media websites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter and add your location or address on them accurately, same as GMB or Yelp.

  • Do a Local SEO Audit

Doing a local SEO audit is the best practice as it reveals what’s wrong with your website or page. This audit will give you more information about competitors, on-page SEO performance, backlinks, and social signals. After conducting a complete local SEO audit, determine a comprehensive regional search engine optimization strategy or campaign for your website, and understand the audience’s needs who search locally.

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The importance of local SEO can’t be denied. Click on the link to read an informative article on local SEO tips to improve ranking of your website in 2021.

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