10 Proven Hacks for Restaurant Instagram Marketing

10 Effective Restaurant Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram is the king. Unquestionably, it is taking the world by surprise, especially the online food delivery industry. Learn the Instagram marketing tips that will help your business grow.


Being ‘Instafamous’ has become the new social media world norm. Hands down, Instagram has evolved from being a simple photo and video sharing platform to a top marketing platform. So, as a restaurateur, how will you use this platform to spread the word about your restaurant business? How do you plan to adopt the new-age marketing rules and tell people that your restaurant has the world’s best online food delivery platform? You definitely need some valuable tips, which we will discuss in this blog. When you finish reading this blog, you will know more than just a couple of ways to market your restaurant business perfectly. 

If you are still confused about why Instagram marketing is helpful for your business, then here are a handful of statistics that’ll speak for themselves.

● Hootsuite says that about 1.22 billion people across the globe use Instagram every month. 

● According to Omnicore, 58% of the users are interested in a brand after seeing it on an Instagram Story. 

●MetaforBusiness says that about 90% of the people using Instagram follow a business’s account. 

These Statistics must be convincing enough to realize why Instagram marketing is the first thing to include in your restaurant’s business plan. 

Are you ready to learn some practical Instagram marketing tips to help your restaurant and online food ordering system grow exponentially? 

10 Best in Class Instagram Restaurant Marketing Tips 

These tips may seem challenging for a few initial days of your business, but they’ll draw great results in the long run. 

  1. Express your restaurant’s authenticity 

Use your Instagram profile to tell your audience what makes you different than others. Your restaurant’s authenticity can be its menu, location, or ambiance. 

Start capturing things that express your restaurant’s experience, how you prepare the food, or how much you love food. 

  1. Think out of the box

Billions of people scroll through Instagram daily, and there are probably more than a million different types of content. That makes it important for the restaurateur to take a leap and think of out-of-the-box content to post. The main purpose here is to catch the interest of the scrolling audience to stop, double-tap the post, and follow your business account. 

Use some great food photography ideas. Take inspiration, but stay original no matter what. 

  1. Collaborate with food bloggers 

Collaborating with abundant followers with food bloggers can put all your marketing efforts in place, and it is one of the proven ways to increase your brand awareness. Think of them as your best friends with an eye for great food, great places, and the best services, such as your own online food ordering system.

Food bloggers are influencers with foodie people as their ‘Followers.’ Well, restaurateurs, you have a bigger pool of people than you’ve imagined. So, collaborate first and rule later! 

  1. Use relevant hashtags 

Hashtags haven’t gone out of fashion. They still are an essential part because they make your post discoverable and help to increase your engagement. Hashtags are clickable and allow Instagram users to find your restaurant and connect. 

Every industry has its own set of hashtags relevant to them, even restaurants and online food delivery. Use more than one hashtag that Instagram users popularly search. 

For example, #restaurant #food #foodie #instafood #dinner are some popularly searched Hashtags.(best-hashtags.com)

  1. Show what’s on your menu 

Food lovers are always in search of great food. So, whenever they come across a restaurant, they might just love to take a sneak peek into what’s on your menu. Post your menu, if not entire, then partial, on your Instagram stories or feed. 

If your menu changes regularly, post it on your story, and it is the best way to keep people updated about your changed menu. Over 500 million Instagram users use stories every day, so why not you? 

  1. Make the best use of Instagram highlights 

Instagram stories disappear after 24 hours. Restaurants use the story feature to show off their treats, menu, reviews, photos their customers share, and much more. So, if you want to keep these stories for long on your Instagram account for every new follower to see, then put the stories in Instagram highlight.  

With highlights, you can segregate the stories so that your followers or visitors know what the stories are about. 

  1. Show love to your customers 

Customers are your treasure. So, keep them safe. Now, how will you do that? Here are some tips to help you: 

● Let your customers know that you see their content and really care about what they say about your brand. So, every time you get a notification that someone has mentioned you in their Instagram post, video, or story; like, share, and comment!

● Use Instagram to take care of your customer’s queries. Suppose you respond to customers’ queries in the quickest time. It will change their perspective towards your Restaurant, and out of ecstasy, they may even order something on your online food ordering system!

  1. Make the Instagram account look and feel like your brand 

Marketing your restaurant will take more than just posting pretty images or videos; and it should also have your branding. Your restaurant’s logo, color palette, and brand slogan/message are a part of your branding—present at least one of these components with the image or video you post. In the long run, it will help you build brand loyalty!

Not only will branding give an aesthetic look to your Instagram feed, but it will keep your creative posts safe from thefts like someone posing your image as theirs. 

  1. Post at the right time 

To master Instagram algorithms, one surefire way is to post at the time your audience wants to see something. Posting more times in a day doesn’t reduce your engagement as long as you remain consistent with the posting frequency. 

To keep up with the posting consistency, prepare a calendar. It can be new weekly themes, happy Hour posts, and so on. Targetable says that the best time to post on Instagram is 9 AM, noon, 1 PM, and 8 PM, as these are the times when people are most hungry and might just open your restaurant’s online food ordering system and order something. 

  1. Keep an eye on your Inbox 

Monitoring your message box is one of the crucial things for your business. Statistics say that more than 70% of the customers are eager to recommend a restaurant if the business responds to their messages on social media quickly. (Beambox)

Think of yourself as the customer – when was the last time you thought of going back to a restaurant or business that took forever to respond to your message? Well, the answer would never be. So, as a restaurateur, regularly check your inbox, respond to any direct messages on time, and sound helpful to your customers. 


I hope you found these Digital Marketing Strategies Restaurants helpful. Use these tips and strategies because only when you put effort into marketing will it deliver you great returns in terms of growth, profits, or success. 

Keep a close watch on what your competitors are doing. Don’t imitate them, but adapt. Think of it as a bonus tip! A watchful eye on the market trend will never hurt you but only keep you sailing.