10 Content Ideas for Physical Therapy Blogs

10 Content Ideas for Physical Therapy Blogs

The expertise that you share in your physical therapy blog has the power to help people change their lives. It can be a goldmine of information that potential clients need. Yet consistently coming up with interesting content topics can be a challenge.

When you put the questions and concerns of patients to direct use as physical therapy blog topics, you can keep your readers coming back to your blog and your practice again and again. Here are ten topic ideas to help you master blogging as a PT professional:

1. Expert Opinions

Personal opinion articles give you a chance to provide feedback about popular medical products or trending methodologies. You can share your thoughts on controversial topics related to health and wellness, but in an informal and personable way that readers can easily relate to. Back up your input with facts from industry sources, and you will build your credibility as a professional and an expert.  

2. Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably dealt with hundreds of inquiries from patients about common ailments, your specialties, telehealth options, and more. Compile the prevailing concerns and questions into a list of frequently asked questions that can serve as a reference on your website or blog.

FAQs offer the opportunity to showcase your unique treatment methods. You can even create separate FAQ lists for each of your specialties.

3. Medical Myth Exposure

Fake news, misinformation, and poor advice abound on the web. As a medical expert, you can help to debunk many of these myths, one physical therapy tip at a time. Scour the internet for information that you know can be harmful to patients, and offer them information that will help your clients get results.

4. Listicles

Lists are a quick read for people who are on the move and scrolling for quick tips on their mobile devices.  Pick a topic related to a treatment you provide and list the top 10 or 20 benefits of receiving that treatment at your PT clinic.

5. Nutrition Tips

Nutrition blogs provide a great opportunity to feature a series with many different tips and recipes. Provide a list of anti-inflammatory foods for people with joint problems, or dessert recipes for those with diabetes. Proper nutrition is fundamental to good health, and these tips will show that you take a well-rounded approach to treatment that improves overall health. 

6. Professional Interviews

Interviews offer a chance for you to show that you—or a guest practitioner—are a wellspring of science-based information. You can interview partnering doctors or vendors who you share referrals with, and give in-depth reviews of various physical therapy-related issues. This kind of content will help to maximize your credibility and boost your website’s SEO.

7. Testimonials

Satisfied clients provide the best evidence of your expertise. Include blog posts with their testimonials, along with before and after photos of them showing their progress while receiving your treatments. Use their testimonials to create a series in your Success Stories.  

8. Tutorials

For clients whose jobs require heavy lifting or long hours of standing, you could create posts with photo or video tutorials showing how to properly adjust their movements and posture to eliminate pain and reduce the risk of injury. Also include exercise tutorials to help clients prevent problems with posture and mobility.

9. Product Reviews

You may have a major advantage as someone who regularly prescribes products, devices, or supplements to accompany treatment. Gather feedback on the effectiveness of the products and provide your own reviews on your blog. Sharing product reviews will help potential clients to make informed decisions when purchasing.

10. Checklists

When it’s time for your readers to develop their own health care plans, you can help them by providing checklists. You can create checklists for daily exercise, nutrition, or recovery from various ailments. Make them easy to download and print, so users can adapt them to their own needs.

Start Writing Now!

When you remain attentive to the needs of people who are seeking advice like yours, you’ll never run out of ideas for your physical therapy blog. However, if you need help with organizing and consistently posting to your blog, contact expert content strategists. They will help you to create a customized digital marketing for physical therapy plan to grow your readership and your practice.