10 Best Online Platforms to Learn UX Design in 2021 & Beyond

10 Best Online Platforms to Learn UX Design in 2021 & Beyond

Over the years, many have applied for online UX design courses to improve the user experience. With the right UX design, entrepreneurs can grow their businesses rapidly. But, many website designers struggle to get the best UX design for their websites. As a result, they face severe revenue loss in the businesses. This is the primary reason you should learn how to create a perfect UX design.

You might know how to code an application or website. And, that is enough if you want to make the site or app user-friendly. Without having prior knowledge about UX design, the developers can attract online visitors. Once you learn UX design, you can increase the conversion rate and customer retention. And, there are plenty of online sites that can improve an individual’s UX design skill. Even after completing the courses, you will get certificates from these legitimate sites. 

Here are some of the best online courses that can help you to kickstart a career in UX :

  1. UX Beginner

If you are interested in learning more about UX design, visit this site: UX Beginner. It has more than 20+ blogs, different courses and career coaching facilities. Oz, a renowned UX designer, has developed this site to build the learner’s experience. 

Moreover, you don’t have to pay any fee after completing the provided courses. Enrol your name in the UX newsletter to learn about the latest UX courses. UX Beginner covers basic topics like UX designer portfolio and user research.

  1. UX Design Course

You can learn the basic UX designing course from this online site within 4 weeks. Additionally, this platform will be ideal for beginners. Many designers have learned how to build UX design strategies from this website. Visit the official website of the UX Design Course and to know about the customer’s requirements. 

Moreover, the UX Design Course teaches prototyping, usability testing and qualitative testing. You can even get an insight into different research techniques of UX Design. Open the site and schedule a day when you want to avail the necessary courses. 

  1. Coursera

Coursera is the best and free online platform for learning UX design courses. This site was developed by the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2012. Since then, it has helped millions of students to build a career in UX design. Its courses are easy to understand and taught by the top-ranked lecturers. 

Along with the basic principles of UX design, you can learn about the design circle. Coursera also offers certificates after the completion of the UX design courses. More than 238,907 people have enrolled themselves for the courses. The experts of UAE Website development are also enrolled here. Don’t wait, and visit the site and tap on the “Enroll for free” now. 

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  1. SuperHi

Do you want to learn UX design courses without spending too much money? Go with SuperHi; it has an easy user interface and offers the best introductory courses. You can learn about wireframing, UI design, user research and testing from here. And, if you are a beginner, move to SuperHi’s “Introduction to User Experience Design” course. 

From there, you will get the syllabus and frequently asked questions of this course. But, to access the UX design courses, you need to pay a yearly fee. Pay that and learn how to build user-centred online products from videos and blogs. Make sure to follow the instructions of the courses to get a certificate at the end.

  1. Skillshare

The best part about Skillshare is, it has a cross-platform availability. And, you need to create an account on this online site to learn the UX design courses. Get the Premium membership card to get 20000+ classes. With that, you can watch the videos of UX fundamentals offline. 

Moreover, a handful of UX design training courses are available on this site. After accessing the platform, click on “Intro to UX: Fundamentals of Usability”. It provides a clear understanding of the UX design tool and process. Further, you can learn to make a stand-out UX within an hour from this platform. 

  1. Mobile User Experience (UX) Design

Advanced UX designers should take the Mobile User Experience (UX) design course. A team of veteran designers will teach you about UX design. Moreover, the users can complete this course within 12-13 hours. But, this course is not for beginners. 

You need to have basic knowledge about UX design before applying for this course. From this course, the users can get to know about the elements of a mobile-friendly UX design. Additionally, it covers topics like mobile UX issues, lifecycles, and usability research. 

  1. UX & Web Design Master Course

Learn which UX design strategy will be ideal for the websites with this master course. UX & Web Design Master Course is an Udemy-designed course. It is handled by Joe Natoli and acquired positive reviews from thousands of learners. This course is available in different languages, including French and Italian.

It has 190+ videos that will help you to become a professional UAE website development expert. You can even download the educational resources and access them afterwards. Spend a few AED, complete the courses and get a job in the best web design company. 

  1. CareerFoundry

With CareerFoundry’s courses, beginner UX designers can become professionals in a year. But, for that, make sure to register your name under this online platform. After that, you can get online lessons from experienced website designers. Further, the users can clear their doubts by joining with the program advisors

Unable to choose the right UX design course? Go to the review section of CareerFoundry to know which course will be right for you. Moreover, you don’t have to quit your job to attend the online classes of CareerFoundry. Choose a flexible time schedule and continue the classes without any hassle. 

  1. UI/UX Design Specialization

The users can complete the UI/UX Design Specialization courses within 8 months. This course is managed by the scholars of the California Institute of the Arts. And, this platform offers four different courses to learn UX design. You can choose any of these, and all these courses are free and available for everyone. 

Additionally, you get a one month free trial for using the UX tools. Along with UX design, the users can learn about interaction and interface design. After completing the courses, you can share the certificates in your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Treehouse

Treehouse offers 19+ online courses for the users to learn UX design. You need to submit one project every week to complete the courses within 3 months. And, it comes with a 7-day free trial option. With that, you can learn how to create UX portfolios and the basic techniques. 

All the UX design courses are taught by the best website development experts. Take part in the online quizzes and know how to overcome the possible UX design problems. Moreover, the users can cancel their enrollment anytime they want. Visit the website and learn new UX design skills now. 

Other Platforms where UX Design Courses are Available

The beginners can get weekly UX design courses from Interaction Design Foundation. Lynda’s online courses will also enhance UX designing skills. Besides, General Assembly’s UX design programs are ideal for beginners. So, take time and choose the right online platform.