make your marketing emails stand out

10 Actionable tips to make your marketing emails stand out

Email marketing is a great way to convert your prospective customers into loyal and repeat customers. However, if done poorly, customers will not hesitate to click on the unsubscribe button or send your emails to spam. Building an email list and sending marketing emails alone is not sufficient. With all the emails in your customers’ inbox clamoring for their attention, you should make your emails stand out and look for ways to impact your email marketing metrics positively. Let’s look at some actionable strategies to improve your email marketing. 

1 Add a great subject line

Subject lines need to be written to invoke curiosity and increase interest. They should convey a sense of urgency or excitement. If they are kept short, personalized, and make your customers feel special, your email open rates will go up. They can also be teasers, which will encourage customers to open your emails.

2 Be direct and upfront

If you have had a conversation with anyone who wouldn’t get to the point and kept rambling, you’ll know how frustrating it is to spend your valuable time on something and wonder what the point is. Don’t drown your customers in a sea of words. State what your marketing email is about right away in the subject and prominently in your email. Your email should convey your message right away at a glance. 

3 Add personality to your emails

Have you read marketing emails that sound like a robot has written them? Don’t be that person who sends out such emails. Customers want to feel like humans are communicating with them, not robots. Add some personality into your emails, and don’t make them too formal that they sound boring. This is a sure way to alienate your customers. Keep your tone cool and casual, but don’t go overboard.

4 Personalize your emails

You have all the marketing data you can want about your customers. With this, you can personalize your emails and connect with the customer. No one likes to get a generic email that looks like it was probably mass emailed to millions of people. Customers want to feel special. You can make them feel special by personalizing your emails through their name, location, and demographics. They make your marketing emails more appealing, and people will read them.

5 Make your emails about your customer

Your marketing emails should address the benefits your customers will receive, and it should be all about them and less about your brand. By managing your customers’ concerns and sharing the benefits they will get, you will establish a connection with the customer. 

6 Optimize for mobile

Given that more traffic comes from mobile than from other devices, you must make sure that your emails are optimized for mobile. If your customers cannot view your emails on mobile, it will lead to an unsatisfactory experience. Making sure your content is viewable across multiple devices is a great way to improve the customer experience.

7 Use attractive visuals

The design of an email is as important as the subject line and the content of your email. Make sure that your emails are designed well, appear professional and have attractive and relevant visuals that are easy on the eyes and engage the reader.

8 Don’t be afraid to own up to a mistake

Mistakes happen. If there is a problem with your delivery or order, be quick to own up to the mistake. Customers are not dumb. When they see companies not owning up to a mistake but skirting around it and trying to avoid blame, they don’t take it lightly. The perception of your brand will deteriorate in the eyes of your customer. On the other hand, when you apologize and try to make it right, your customers will respect you and have faith in your brand.

9 Deliver value for your customers

Customers don’t like to feel that they are being pushed. The tone of your email shouldn’t be too self-promotional or sales-oriented, pushing your customers to buy your products or upgrade. You should aim to consistently deliver value for your customers if you want to establish trust and gain their loyalty. There is no need to bombard customers with emails every few days. If you send emails once in a while but deliver value each time, your customers will automatically buy your products.

10 Send the right emails to the right people

Customer segmentation, which means grouping your customers according to their demographics, preferences, geography, etc., is an excellent way of ensuring that your emails can be customized to the right audience, increasing your customers’ likelihood of opening your emails.

By following these strategies, you can be sure that your emails stand out in the sea of emails that your customers receive and build customer loyalty in the long term. 

Author bio: Shuba is a blogger who blogs about marketing, business, technology and finance at Bazaar Expert. She is interested in minimalism and is always looking to declutter her life.