Your 2020 Social Media Toolbox + New Tools

Is social media marketing really that crucial for your business? Unquestionably! It’s been one of the most economical online marketing approaches of this past decade. Social media lets you nurture your brand awareness and develop an audience (let’s not forget about potential customers) without spending a dime. Seriously, this is not going to change for 2020.

It’s not that simple, though, and I get it. It can be a huge challenge to manage all your social media marketing tasks and curate quality content at the same time. Today’s social media tools don’t just help you find more exciting content to share, they can also make ‘the process’ easier by helping to:

  • Schedule posts at the perfect time
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns
  • Curate amazing content (videos, infographics, podcasts, etc.)
  • Suggest topics, language, and target profiles

Moreover, you can make use of project management tools such as nTask, Asana, and Trello; to manage your marketing team tasks on projects related to social media campaigns. Marketers use such a tool to schedule tasks in advance, collaborate with the team, and report the efforts done on the campaign to managers or clients.

Get the right social media tools to manage your campaign

You can’t do this alone, well, without 25 hours in your day―the competition is way ahead of you, and they are using tools! We all need help and, without some essential marketing apps in your toolbox, you’ll likely fail―not because of incompetence but more likely due to time management. Tools that help you save time and optimize your content are critical.

The market is saturated with a vast number of tools, and this can be overwhelming. So, here are some of the best social media marketing tools for your business that’ll transform your social media marketing abilities.

Social media tools and automation are not the only keys to success

You must understand that these tools are not a substitute for thought leadership or wonderfully crafted strategies. These tools can empower us and lend aid to defined processes, increase efficiency, and improve quality, but the ‘marketability’ of your social media content will ultimately lie on you.

Are you ready to skyrocket your social media marketing game? It takes two.

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