Why Video Content is a Powerful Marketing Strategy

Video is a powerful medium that has taken hold of people’s imagination and attention. For important events like sports, if you can’t see it live, watch it on a telecast or on a video. Live action is unadulterated fact and gives people the opportunity to be as close to the experience as possible. Watching a video of a basketball game and watching all the heart-stopping shots is certainly more exciting than reading about it on a blog. Video excites and brings us closer to the action like no other medium. 

According to some statistics, the internet is on its way to becoming more video-centered. The ability of lightning speed bandwidths to transmit heavy files, such as video, has certainly made this possible. The future is video and many modern content marketers are focusing on video as a marketing strategy. 

People naturally love video. According to detailed video marketing statistics 85% of American internet users watch online videos. This is true with the explosion of videos and the popularity of YouTube. This social media platform is unique because of the tons of instructional videos uploaded on just about any topic. YouTube is a video platform that takes you on a rabbit hole of entertainment, trivia, and creative product demos. 

It’s been predicted that by 2022, video will be 82% of all consumer internet traffic. This is important for digital content marketers as they shift to video for their social media campaigns. Video is promising when it comes to conversions because 9 in 10 marketers have landed a new customer form a social media video. Consumers also say that a video has convinced them to download an app or buy software.

Videos are also great in helping consumers learn. If you want to teach consumers how to use or the benefits of the product the best way to go is clearly with video. 

Video is making its impact in the now and in the future and embracing it will be a game changer as to how we experience the internet. 

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