Why Businesses Need Marketing

Why Do Businesses Need Marketing?

The best way to get information about your brand, service, or product in front of the correct demographic audience is by having a solid marketing strategy and plan. If a company does not have an in-house marketing department, a marketing agency or firm can be hired to create and implement successful marketing campaigns. 

You can hire marketing companies to provide services such as social media marketing, video production services for commercials, media planning, email marketing, graphic design needs and so much more. We will discuss how it is important to have a marketing agency analyze the success of your marketing campaigns through different platforms. Marketers can direct their messaging specifically to consumers and also to other businesses. Common types of marketing we see in marketing language are business-to-business marketing and business-to-consumer marketing. 

In the Atlanta market, quality advertising is important for local, national, and international branding objectives. Traditional marketing refers to all print marketing efforts such as newspapers, print magazines, mailers, billboards, and signage. Digital marketing refers to anything online, such as paid social media advertising, SEO, email marketing, and more. There is an Atlanta SEO company that even works closely with an LED billboard manufacturer. All of these efforts on separate platforms work together to generate leads.

Marketing fulfills many functions for your business. We listed a few below:

Marketing is Informative

The purpose is to persuade your customers to choose your business over your competition. Informing your target audience what your brand represents, the content on your website or your social media videos tell the story of your business. Marketing companies will be able to create your websites, social media sites, and core brand creatives to tell your story. All of these assets will be to inform your audience of the elements that make your business unique and why you are the only choice!

Marketing is for Engagement & Reputation 

When we speak about the importance of reputation management and engaging your customer base this refers to how you are interacting with your audience. Engagement takes first-time customers and turns them into fans for life. By opening a conversation with your potential customers, this will establish how your audience interacts with your platform, an excellent example of this is social media marketing. Social media marketing helps you stay in touch with your target audience and listen to their needs. According to SproutSocial.com, 89% of followers on social media will make a purchase. 

Marketing also builds your brand’s reputation and defends it at times. Not only by being a voice for your brand but by establishing trust and credibility. There are many aspects of marketing that are used to a business’ credibility whether that be the menu design or customized email blasts. 

Marketing Grows Businesses

If you can get through to your customers a clear message that is accepted and then engaged with while creating your brand’s reputation to be creditable and strong- your business will succeed.

Marketing Has Evolved Over the Years

Marketing has changed the way we as consumers purchase goods and services. The first marketing efforts were seen in print advertisements. When newspapers were the main form of entertainment and news of course that is how businesses first were able to captivate an audience. Marketing has come a long way in the aspects where some businesses still use print marketing but now have expanded

across all platforms. 

As new media outlets are introduced, the marketing platforms can respond accordingly. Advertising has gone from print to radio, to television, and now we are in the digital age. We don’t often think back about times before we could just “Google” anything. Every single thing we Google someone is marketing to us, whether that be the YouTube videos that pop up under the search or the Google PPC ads. Marketing is everywhere it shapes the way we make important purchase decisions in our lives.