White hat link building is a unicorn in SEO

Oftentimes, you see SEO agencies offering link building services centred around grey hat tactics with a sprinkle of black hat for good measure.

While these links could immediately improve a site’s ranking, a Google update could easily bring down your site on SERPs faster than when it climbed up.

You see, there’s no winning Google if you resort to shady link building practices. It’s always better to go the white hat route.

And while the results of ethically acquiring links will take some time, it’s been proven time and again that white hat link building produces sustainable long-term effects on your website.

So, even if Google decides to update its algorithm and ranking factors, you can guarantee that your site isn’t going anywhere other than the top of SERPs!

Enter Contega Media

Contega Media have a proven track record of providing site owners with white hat link building packages that helps their websites rank on Google.

Mind you, we don’t build links to your sites on web 2.0 or PBN sites. And we don’t dabble in the arts of black hat link building.

Through years of building links for clients, we strongly believe that guest post outreach is the way to go when it comes to off-page SEO.

And, as mentioned, building links in an ethical manner is rare in today’s world. One of the reasons is the degree of difficulty in acquiring these sustainable links for clients. You will need to build a relationship with blog owners first because you can even pitch a guest post proposal.

There are many ways around this, but most of them will only cause bloggers to turn down your offer.

With Contega Media, the proven process of getting bloggers to accept our guest posts will help secure backlinks that will stand the test of time.

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