Which Social Networkings Are Good for Business Promotion?

Social media are no longer a place where you only share your life events and ideas. Today, it is one of the leading tools in digital marketing. 

But the question is, which platform is the best to yield results for your business? Especially if you are a small business with less money set aside for marketing, choosing wisely can make all the difference.

However, keep in mind that a social network alone could not get all the work done. As a business owner, you will also have to familiarise yourself with other fields of marketing, such as content writing to get the best results. If you need marketing, blog, or essay assistance for websites, do not hesitate to reach out to the professionals at https://essaypro.com/custom-essay.html. It would certainly bring in more value. 

Coming back to the questions, you would certainly need more information to identify what works best for you. Here is an overview of the most popular social media platforms best for business promotions. 


With 2.45 billion worldwide users, different social media networks are among the largest platforms for brands to invest in. 

Facebook tops all the social media platforms with 1.59 billion daily active users. Whichever marketing strategy you are looking for, whether it is lead generation, brand awareness, or even running an entire business, Facebook can undoubtedly serve as the best option. 

In fact, 80 million small and medium businesses are using Facebook as their core social media network. Facebook Advertising has grown tremendously in favor of business owners to reach to the target audience and widen their marketing. 


With 500 million daily active users, Instagram comes second only to Facebook. As the latter owns it, it makes it easier to use the benefits of both platforms because of common features and shared options. 

But the biggest difference between these platforms concerns user engagement and demographics. 

Instagram reaches a younger audience and has been noted to create more engagement compared to Facebook. As Instagram is all about visuals, it also works in favor of businesses to quickly grab attention.


The stats on Youtube is pretty impressive, with users spending over a billion hours every day. This platform has helped to create some very successful businesses over the years. However, many overlook Youtube as a tool for business promotions. 

What makes Youtube the right choice is that Google owns it, thus giving access to Google Advertising Platform. It also works similarly with regard to using keywords to rank search results. 


LinkedIn is the most credible social media platform for B2B marketing – 71% of B2B marketers use Linkedin for advertising. This one is a professional and reliable social media to expand your career networking and brand awareness. 

It is also an excellent place for building businesses and startups to get attention from executives and high-profile commercialists. If your marketing strategy involves similar approaches, then LinkedIn is your best bet. 


Twitter combines many elements together, making it diverse for different marketing schemes. You can use it for advertising, brand promotion, and creating engagement. The app has developed exclusive ways called Twitter Promote Mode to encourage its usage as a marketing platform. 

Twitter is popular among teens and Millennials and can reach them and vice versa using hashtags and specific topics of interest. It is not surprising how Twitter has played a significant role in providing customer service and helped users to adopt it as a promotion tool. 


Whatsapp saw tremendous growth in the last two years. From 175 million in 2017 to 500 million users in 2019. It has made its way to one of the commonly used apps all over the world. Though its primary purpose is communication, the app now features dedicated business versions for brands. 

It is one of the best ways to create personal engagement with clients, share updates, and stay on track with orders. WhatsApp marketing is gaining more attention and is particularly useful for SMBs. 


If your target group is teenagers, then Snapchat should be on your marketing strategy. As of 2019, the app has reached a 90% 13-24-year-olds audience. While you might have to get creative and post frequently, Snapchat still continues to have a stronghold over the youngsters. 

However, one can connect Snapchat to other social media accounts and use their advertising to get attention from teens. 


Reddit works a bit different from other social media. Now, it is the go-to platform for many internet users to get credible reviews and ask questions. Brands can use Reddit to encourage brand awareness among readers and diversify channels to get attention. 

However, Reddit is also a place filled with fake reviews and promotions. If you are able to create brand awareness genuinely, then it is one of the best credible sites for you to establish strong customer relationships through niche marketing. 

Wrapping Up

Using social media is not only a smart strategy. Today, it is a necessary tool for business promotion. Do your homework, research the market, and use the best marketing tools available on each platform to benefit your brand.