What's PLR Content and How to Rewrite it

What’s PLR Content and How to Rewrite it

The term PLR content is an abbreviation for “Private Label Rights Content” and can be used by a person who owns the rights to use that content in any form they want. For a writer, PLR content can prove to be a great source of easy and well-researched content.

However, there is only one drawback of PLR content, and that’s plagiarism or duplicate content. Since the PLR content is distributed to a lot of users, the first person who manages to get their hand on PLR content is the one who gets unique content. Anyone who attempts to use that piece of content afterward will only be getting duplicate content.

Google and other search engines are very serious about unique and engaging content – So if you just copy and paste PLR content, Google will recognize that as duplicate content and can even penalize your website for it!

What’s PLR content

As mentioned earlier, PLR content can be used by anyone who owns the right without worrying about legal consequences. But that’s not to say that PLR content is 100% unique – In fact, the majority of the PLR content that you will find on the internet and various databases will be duplicate content because it’s already been used.

So, does this means that PLR content is useless? No, not at all! As long as you know how to rewrite PLR content, you can easily make it unique and acceptable for Google!

So, let’s look at different ways to rewrite content easily:

Automatic Rewriting

Tired of manually rewriting your PLR content? Then, you may want to use a free tool to reword written content and make it 100% unique. If this is your first time using an automatic rewording tool, then you will have to give it a couple of tries to learn how to do it efficiently.

But when compared to manual rewriting, there is no doubt that automatic rewriting saves time! As always, you should make some manual edits required once the text has been rewritten automatically, and also remember to check it on a plagiarism tool such as Copyscape.

Manual Rewriting

In this method, you will have to manually rewrite the PLR content by yourself. Depending on your writing speed and rewriting skills, it may take you a couple of minutes to even hours to write a decent PLR article.

When you are doing manual rewriting, you can use the following tips to generate unique content from PLR articles:

  • Use Synonyms – You can find synonyms for pretty much every word using Google and even a dictionary! So, the first step in manual rewriting is to replace words with synonyms! When choosing a suitable synonym, ensure that it doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence.
  • Rewrite Sentences – Once the words have been replaced by synonyms, start by rewriting the sentences. To successfully rewrite a sentence, you can change the order of the sentence. Another way to rewrite sentences is to write the same sentence in a different tense (past, present, future).

Once you have rewritten the entire PLR content and achieved 100% unique content, you can now use this content on your websites!