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What to keep in mind while redesigning your Website to avoid drops in your Ranking?

Your website is probably the first thing that your potential customers will see about your business. If it happens to catch their interest in the first few seconds, you can expect to get conversions at a good rate. Need not to mention, the exact opposite is also possible. Also, in order to come into the eyes of your customers, you will have to come in the rankings of the search engines. 

By now, you would have got an idea of what we are trying to talk about. Yes, right! We are talking about redesigning your website while keeping SEO in mind to ensure that you are in the top rankings of any search engine. If you are not happy with the results that your website has been giving, it’s probably time to work on finding the issues with it. We are quite sure that by examining your website from top to bottom, in and out, you will know what needs to be improved. 

If you found that you need to improve the design of your website in accordance with SEO, then you are at the right place. Let’s take a look at a few points that will help in redesigning your website as per SEO so that you are able to avoid any possible drops in your search engine ranking.

  • Use Targeted Keywords in Website Content
    For any website, sharing unique content is paramount. It doesn’t only improve traffic on your website but also helps in improving domain authority while driving high-value leads. Consider targeting relevant keywords in your website content to let search engines know that you are selling the exact same thing. And when your website ranks high SERPs, you have more chances of converting your visitors into your customers. You might have to do a lot of keyword research to find keywords in accordance with your services and products. But it will all be worth it.
    As short-tail keywords are difficult to rank your website on, go for long-tail keywords that contain three or more words. This will help you generate more qualified leads for your business. After finding the right keywords to target, make sure that you create a unique format to place keywords in the right places on your website. Keep one thing in mind that the content you create should not just solve the educational purpose but should also be easily understandable for your target audience so that they take an action immediately after reading it.
  • Improve Page Loading Speed
    This is one of the most important considerations that should not be overlooked when you are redesigning your website. We know that you know that no one wants to wait for a long time to get the information they are looking for. If they have to wait for a long time, they will probably leave your website and find some other website that is fast enough to help them with the information. As per the data available, people don’t wait for a website to open if it takes more than 4-5 seconds. Since as a business, your only aim is to please your customers, you better don’t make them wait and work on improving your website loading speed.
    There are ways that can help you make your website lighter so that it loads faster. It’s like clearing the clutter from your website so that only the relevant things are there. Start by optimizing your images to the right size and format. If you are sharing video content on your website, make sure that it is properly embedded and works properly. Try to have a minimum number of HTTP requests and clean up HTML that can cause a delay in website loading. 
  • Check Header Tags
    When it comes to standing out from your competitors, your header plays a vital role. They help your visitors understand what they will find on your website or get from your business. This makes it an important step to consider when you are trying to make your website design SEO-friendly. Add a header tag to all the headings that you will be using on your website. You must always separate important sections of your content with header tags. For the title of the page, you can use the H1 tag and for the subheadings, you can use H2, H3, etc. tags to create breaks in your content.
    One more thing, along with adding header tags, relevant keywords must also be used in the headings. Try to have the primary keyword in the title of your content. This will help the search engine crawlers know the context of your content and this is what will also help your content rank in the search engines. When your ranking in a search engine improves, you have more chances of reaching your target audience, which is easily understandable. 
  • Test your Website after Redesign
    You might have made all the necessary changes in your website design but what if they don’t hit the right chord. Redesigning a website is a huge undertaking and you better take it seriously. Don’t just do it for the sake of doing a task. Do it because you want to shine and reach where your competitors haven’t. Keep in mind that anything you do won’t come into the eyes of your potential customers in a second. It will take time and you better keep an eye on it. If you launch the website immediately after redesigning it, imperfections in it might irk your customers.
    We understand that you would be quite excited about launching your website. But keeping patience would help you make the most of it. Review all the changes on your website and go through your website thoroughly. Show it to others to get their reviews and work on suggestions that seem in accordance with your goal. Keep specific tasks like testing CTAs, checking website navigation, loading speed, etc. and if they go perfectly, you are good to launch it. In case of any errors, correct them and test again.

These might seem small steps but if you do them properly, you will know how beneficial they prove for your business overall. Start by analyzing your website and if you need, take expert help to understand what improvements are required and how they can make a difference for your website.

Author Bio: Suresh Thakur is a Senior Content Strategist at ShoutingInk. He is a professional Digital Marketing Consultant of Ecommerce SEO Company Chandigarh. Follow him on SEO Expert Suresh as he loves to help businesses grow promptly.