What NOT to Do in the SEO Industry in 2022

What NOT to Do in the SEO Industry in 2022

You’re probably wondering what the hot new trends are in SEO for 2022. 

Well, we hate to break it to you, but if you’re following any of the advice that’s going around right now, you’ll be behind the curve by then.

Instead of relying on outdated tactics, why not focus on what will still be working in 2022?

We’ve compiled a list of the things you should avoid doing if you want your website to stay ahead of the competition.

Don’ts Of SEO in 2022

Here are the SEO things to avoid in 2022:

1- Don’t focus on short-term tactics that will get you penalized by Google.

Short-term tactics are the ones that give you a quick win but then get your website penalized by Google because it doesn’t comply with their guidelines.

So, if you have been focusing on backlinks and trying to generate them as much as possible or participating in SEO forums and link-exchange programs…it’s time to stop.

2- Don’t focus on thin content or keyword stuffing.

There is no place for thin content or using keywords just as filler text in any serious SEO campaign now. 

These things will only become more frowned upon as time goes by—especially keywords as a form of filler text.

This can be damaging for your site in several ways. It could be lower rankings due to Google’s algorithm changes that rank websites based on relevance rather than the number of words written. 

It may be getting your site penalized for thin content, reducing traffic, and hurting conversions.

Also, it will make it look like you really don’t know what you are doing to site visitors who have already reached the bottom of your pages—the ones who probably quit in the first place because of all the filler text they had to read to get there!

3- Pay attention to mobile users.

With the growing number of smartphones and tablets worldwide, it’s important to pay attention to how people are searching online. 

In 2022 over 80% (or more) of internet browsing sessions will take place through a mobile device which means that your SEO strategy should be focused on this new trend if you want success!

4- Keep your website up to date.

Many business owners make a mistake by adding new content to their site but never actually taking the time to delete the old articles on their pages. This means that your readers are forced to read through a text they’ve already seen before—which can be very frustrating! 

5- Pull toward transparent writing that shows you care about your prospects.

The more transparent your writing, the more trustworthy it will be in the eyes of your readers. Keep in mind that 80% of online users don’t trust advertisements, so you need to take an approach where you value transparency over salesmanship.

6- Don’t rely on outdated content strategies that don’t target the right keywords.

The right content marketing strategy can help you rank higher in search engines. 

You should focus on creating quality, engaging information that your target audience needs and wants to read so they will return again for future articles or purchases from brand websites such as email newsletters with exciting offers just waiting around every corner!

7- Only work with white-hat SEOs from now on.

Now is the time to craft that online brand image by focusing on quality content. White-hat SEO focuses on creating engaging, relevant content for your target audience.

White-hat SEO techniques are intended to optimize your site’s appearance in search results without manipulating or deceiving Google algorithms.

It is being done through natural link building, social media sharing, and internal linking strategies to make sure you include all of your pages within a website at least once in every paragraph of an article!

If you do not include this now with white-hat SEO services, you will not see the traffic numbers rise fast enough until it is too late!

8 – Use social media channels effectively.

A great way to generate brand awareness with your business is by using social media sites effectively.

The likes of Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter can help a website to become more well-known in a short time frame with the right strategy being applied.

If you have not jumped on the bandwagon yet – or are unsure what benefits it can have – then using social media for SEO purposes is one way to grow your website’s reach quickly. Our social media agency in Houston can help you to take the best advantage of this powerful marketing tool.

Natural link building needs to be done in order for search engines to trust that traffic is being driven by relevant sources of information that suites each page within your site.

This means that there should be no promotion of specific links but only the addition of pertinent details, so users will understand why they are visiting without having to think about it.

10 – Optimize for local SEO.

Being in a specific region does not mean that users will only be searching within the same boundaries.

Unless you have a very specific target market, it is important to let search engines know about your business so that people from different areas will be able to find you as well.


SEO is something that needs constant maintenance and improvement. Even those with good rankings should not rest on their laurels as this may result in a decline of rankings as new rules or algorithms are rolled out by search engines. 

In addition, the techniques discussed above need to be adapted depending on the industry your site belongs to, whether it’s B2B, blogging, retail e-commerce, etc., which requires putting up a proper budget for each type of website you manage. 

Furthermore, their effectiveness can be further improved by gaining a better understanding of the factors that affect your site’s ranking and those affecting those within your industry.

In order to do this, it is recommended that you seek SEO services from experts in the field not only to save time and resources but also to increase your chances for success.