What is going to change in Digital Marketing in 2020?

So it is that time of year again when we all start looking forward to the next year.  For Digital Marketing 2019 has been a real shake-up with major changes in Algorithms, changes to the AdWords ecosystem, the increase in video marketing, additional opportunities in different formats in Social Media to name just a few.

But how do we know what’s coming up in 2020?

Well, we have brought together a number of predictions from gurus in different areas so you can judge for yourselves.

First up are Gael Breton and Mark Webster fro Authority Hacker.  These guys make their living from developing authority sites where they make major bucks, but they also sell their methodology. You should sign up for their free Webinar about how to build an authority site if you are serious about making money from your site.

In this Podcast they have brought together:

What are the key predictions for SEO in 2020?

  • site speed will become yet more important
  • YouTube and the other big platforms will become majorly important – transcripts from YouTube will be used to rank content
  • Google search traffic has dropped overall and will continue to do so
  • Social Media will need to become more important as a source of traffic
  • Outreach will continue but will become more saturate and more difficult to achieve
  • Content will continue to be the key driver – more and better quality
  • Google will continue to make updates and more often which leads to unpredictability
  • Browsers may determine SERPs as they control the content that can be seen – the example so far has been insecure content not being shown in Chrome
  • SERP real estate will diminish with yet more items like  YouTube carousels
  • Do nothing is not an option!

Let’s see how many of these come true!