Bulk Link Building

What Are The Best Ways To Develop High-Quality Links In Bulk

One of the benefits of guest posting is to acquire high-authority backlinks that will rank you higher on SERP. However, not all backlinks will be beneficial for your website. To build superior-quality backlinks, you would need to do high-quality guest blogging. 

This article will share information and ways that could help you obtain quality backlinks.  

What Are The Tasks Involved In Publishing A Guest Post?

  • Find a relevant and high-authority website to write a guest post;
  • Find the contact details i.e., email address of the website owner;
  • Pitch them to convey your intent to publish a guest blog for them;
  • Brainstorm ideas to write a blog post; 
  • Write the blog;
  • Stay in communication with the website till the guest blog gets published;
  • Share it across your community via social media

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Ways To Build High-Quality Links Through Guest Blogging

Find The Right Blogs

It starts by finding a relevant and reputed blog that can host you. A google search with the right search phrases such as “guest blogging”, “write for us”, etc. and will help you identify the best blogs for guest posting.

If you know any author that writes guest posts, you can search using the “name of the author” + “guest post” to find the sites where the author publishes his guest post. 

You can also use the below keyword phrases to find guest posting opportunities:

  • [your_topic] “write for us”
  • [your_topic] “guest post”
  • [your_topic] “guest article”
  • [your_topic] “become an author”
  • [your_topic] inurl:contribute.

Once you have found the blog to write for, a blogger needs to pitch the blog owner via email. 

Filter the blogs based on domain rating 

Domain Rating is a measure of the popularity of the link of a website. Consider this rating to shortlist the blogs that you can comfortably pitch. A blog that has a low domain rating doesn’t indicate that the website is a spammy one or the link acquired from that site will harm you. 

However, it is advised to choose blogs/websites that have high-DR. This is because such websites will provide powerful webpages that can help you rank high on the search engine. 

Try A Broad Set Of Relevant Keywords

Many bloggers find it hard to locate guest blogging websites due to a super small niche. They get a limited set of articles that mentions the target keyword. If that is the case, then you should try another way to search for guest blogging websites.

Try other pertinent keywords. Broaden your keyword search. For example, if your niche is SEO, then try to find websites for different techniques involves in SEO such as PPC, digital marketing, AdWords, etc. 

Technique To Write More High-Quality Guest Posts In Little Time

Find your niche-specific blogs. Using the Domain Rating feature, filter them based on popularity. Popular blogs are the place to find valuable content and lesser-known ones will provide you space to publish them as they have not published any top-notch content. 

Take inspiration from great blog ideas from popular blogs and create outstanding and unique content for the lesser-known ones. This technique of writing more valuable blogs in less time is called the Robinhood technique.


With guest blogging becoming a popular and established method to boost SEO, several bloggers started creating blogging with the sole intent of getting backlinks. Due to which backlinks have become less prominent in terms of ranking.

Guest blogging should not be abused or overdone. Google penalizes for posting blogs that are keyword-stuff or have artificially embedded links. Follow the above strategies to derive backlinks that will take your blog to new heights.