What Are the Best Degrees to Pursue for a Digital Marketing Career

What Are the Best Degrees to Pursue for a Digital Marketing Career

Living in the age of technology means that everything is becoming digital, and companies are always looking for experts in marketing. It’s true that you do not need a degree in digital marketing to get a job in the field. However, this is one of the most in-demand careers, spanning every industry. The competition is fierce, and having a degree gives you a leg up. You don’t have to limit yourself specifically to a degree in digital marketing. Having a broad field of study with an emphasis in marketing can open a bevy of career opportunities. Here are four examples of degrees that can help you land a great job in digital marketing.

Before you even start to look at degrees, take the time to think about financing. Don’t be discouraged by fears of student loans. If you’re afraid of interest rates, consider student loan refinance opportunities; there are ways to access funds and efficiently invest in your future.

Digital Media

A degree in digital media is the most obvious choice. It’s a relatively new major at most schools and has a diverse pool of opportunities. The phrase “digital media” encompasses a range of topics and specialties, including but not limited to:

  • graphic design,
  • social media marketing,
  • content creation,
  • cybersecurity
  • and ethics.

The upper-division requirements are typically very flexible. If you are interested in one component over others, you can choose to specialize, or you can study them all and have a more general degree. 

Master of Business Administration 

A Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) is a bigger investment of time because it is a post-graduate degree, but the benefits are that you will have a thorough understanding of marketing, including digital, as well as other lucrative fields, such as finance and entrepreneurship. An MBA will give you extensive knowledge in all the foundations of business development from the ground up. This includes marketing strategies and skills that can be useful in a wide range of industries. If you’re looking for a degree that will present more career opportunities or you are planning to start your own business, this is the right degree for you. 

Computer Science

If you have an affinity for computers and technology, a degree in computer science will suit your interests and boost your digital marketing knowledge. Even a basic understanding of computer software programs is lucrative. Marketing companies need experts in technology. Education in multiple fields makes you a valuable asset to the industry. 

Also, keep in mind that companies in every market are updating business technology regularly. They need experts in automation software like chatbots. Their marketing teams also rely heavily on email, and email management software is a powerful digital marketing tool. This degree may have the highest rate of job security on the list.

Information Systems

Information systems is easily the most popular degree used to move into digital marketing. The simplest definition of an information system is a network designed to store, analyze and distribute data. It entails hardware, software, telecommunications, data and human resources. This degree will guide you through web development and design, computer security and software engineering, and those are just a few examples. Marketing companies always need programmers and web designers to boost their digital marketing teams. 

Jobs You Can Get

Each of these degrees has varying specialties. If you’re not sure what path you’d like to take, here are a few career options to consider:

  • content manager and strategist
  • digital marketing manager or director
  • SEO marketing specialist
  • virtual reality developer and editor

Start with a job in mind to help guide you. Then get ready to invest in your future.

As you embark on a career in digital marketing, remember that continued education in this field is an absolute necessity. The fields of technology and marketing value innovation; they even rely on it. If your schedule isn’t very flexible, you can get any of these degrees online through hundreds of universities.