What are the benefits you can reap using crypto trading

Margin trading is a critical concept in the financial market. However, trading bitcoins on margin is not so well-understood concept. Many trading opportunities that you can explore with margin trading that helps you earn huge profits. The margin trading is where you borrow some amount from the broken or cryptocurrency exchange to buy the trades. 

Many people are showing interest in crypto trading at broker.cex.io. It comes with many advantages due to which many professional and semi-professional traders prefer it. It allows you to trade with more capital than what you have in the account. It increases the trading account size and lets you make hefty profits. The extra amount is borrowed from the broker. This would act as a margin loan between the trader and the broker. Not every trade carried out by the trader would be successful, so every cryptocurrency exchange and broker wants to buy nft and save their potential losses.

Various terms in Crypto margin trading

Margin loan

It is the term usd to refer to the funds that are borrowed by the trader from a cryptocurrency exchange and broken to do trading. The concept of margin trading is all about trading more than what you own. The extra amount would be the margin loan.

Trade leverage

It refers to the multiplier amount on which trading is happening. It is double the amount of capital you are going to trade, and it can range up to 100* multiplier. The higher is the leverage, a lot of profit is what you would gain, but it comes with risk.

Liquidation price

Not every trade carried out by the trader would be successful, so every cryptocurrency exchange and broker want to save their potential losses. When the trades do not work as intended and want to save the losses, the exchange will set a liquidation price. It takes the interest rate of the loan and the fee that you must pay for trading. 

Benefits of crypto margin trading

Few of the benefits you can reap by investing the money and time in this type of CEX.IO margin tradinginclude:


The leverage nature of the crypto margin trading allows you to earn huge profits with the amount you possess. It is only possible with the leveraged loan. The amount of leverage you use depends on how much risk you are ready to take and the limit given by the broker or the cryptocurrency exchange. If you can leverage up to 100*, the profits would be huge in the margin trading, which is otherwise not possible in other trades.


Crypto trading is gaining immense popularity, and many are carrying out this type of trading globally. However, things can drop. When you invest in different cryptocurrencies on the exchanges, it helps you make a profit despite a drop in the value of one of the currencies. 


Though, there is a risk involved in margin trading but is very less for both the parties. This won’t put you in unnecessary situations. Using secure tools such as Bitcoin Evolution is highly recommended.

What are the tips you can embrace to start with crypto margin trading

Here are a few tips that you must know to begin with the crypto margin trading to enjoy this type of trading:

Be cautious of leveraging

It is also enticing to go to trade with the highest leverage. The profits that you can reap with the highest leverage would make every individual go for it. However, it is not the ideal approach and is not suggested even by the professionals for beginners. The more you leverage, the more you put your funds at risk. There are a few cryptocurrency exchanges that will manipulate the price of crypto, and it takes a toll on the leveraged traders. 

If you have knowledge and experience with leveraged margin trading, you can go ahead with the highest leverage and take a risk. If the exchange with which you are carrying out the trading has high liquidity, you can take risks by going with the highest leverage. 

Risk on the amount you are ready to lose

Crypto margin trading involves a lot of risks. The high level of risk comes with potential rewards. However, there are equal chances of you losing all the money you spent on trading. Sometimes the losses are quick. You must invest only in the amount that you can afford to lose. It is not good for people to lose money on trading, but if you can afford to lose, it won’t cause you much pain. You must never consider margin trading as a lucrative way of earning money or a primary income. If you have disposable income, you can invest in it and make a huge amount of money, if luck favors. If you invest the money that you can afford to lose, it allows you to enjoy the thrill of trading. Check on your crypto heat-map.

Pick the changes cautiously

Before you choose any cryptocurrency exchange, you must do a little research and then open a trading account. Not all exchanges would have the same level of security.

CEX.IO Broker is found to be a reliable platform to carry our margin trading with digital assets. It is a trusted source by professional traders. There are different crypto products on which you can carry out trading and earn huge money. CEX.IO Broker allows you to have multiple accounts and trade multi-currencies. It is simple to trade on this platform. All you must do is register, transfer funds to the account, and start the trading process.