What Are The Benefits Of Taking DevOps As A Career?

What Are The Benefits Of Taking DevOps As A Career?

As the name suggests, DevOps is an amalgamation of the Development and Operations team to pace up the creation of different applications and allow smooth maintenance of the previous software used by a firm. Due to its dynamic nature, DevOps’ applications in software development are widely accepted. 

Establishing a clear connection between IT operations and development is made easier thanks to DevOps practices. DevOps’ basic purpose is to increase the collaboration between development and IT operations. Consequently, the majority of the companies are shifting towards DevOps since it helps simplify the software development and helps them stay ahead. However, with the rise of DevOps arrives a greater need for qualified individuals who possess the requisite capabilities.

Consequently, a growing number of information technology professionals are exploring opportunities in DevOps. It is not just because they recognize it to be an exciting and financially rewarding career path but also because they understand the growing importance of DevOps and wish to stay ahead of the competition. 

But, before stepping into a career, it is very important to know about it and its relevant benefits in detail. We have gathered a list of perks that will help you choose DevOps as your career goal. 

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a massive transition taking place in the field of software development, release lifecycle, and other things. For years before the introduction of DevOps methodology, applications were developed, programmed, and created by developers only to be handed over to the operations department for testing and monitoring. DevOps brought together development and operations teams to accelerate application delivery. A team of DevOps specialists collaborates to create a product free of bugs from the ground up. 

Benefits of Pursuing DevOps As A Career

DevOps talents are in high demand right now with organizations waging bidding wars to attract the best candidates. According to the recent DevOps statistics, DevOps engineers are paid an average annual salary of $103,571 with the top 10% of them earning as much as $134,000 or more. The US is currently the leader in seeking DevOps talents with over 11,029 DevOps engineers being employed there as of 2021. Other countries and regions are also catching up with the trend. For example, Brazil’s and Asia-Pacific’s DevOps markets are projected to increase by 20% and 25% respectively by 2028. Lastly, the gender question is less of an issue in a DevOps career. Although currently there are more men DevOps engineers (75.7%) than women (16.1%). The wage gap numbers look more promising, with women earning 93% of what men earned in 2021. This is a 7% difference in the wage gap with the national average being 17%.

Before you think of beginning any DevOps Certification training course, we’ll discuss the top 5 reasons for learning DevOps that will assist you in making a successful career transition.

  1. Reduced Production Cycle

The production cycle is substantially reduced with DevOps since everyone works collaboratively toward a shared goal. Previously, employees used to work in a segmented environment, which increased cycle time since the goals were disconnected. It generated an environment where it was more difficult to foster a more collaborative atmosphere. DevOps assists in the acceleration of innovation and development.

2. Create a Positive Impact on Businesses

DevOps has the potential to break through organizational barriers in product development, innovation, development, quality management, security, and operations, among others. As a result, it also allows you to maintain a single-minded business focus while assisting in the ongoing supply of apps and services. Briefly said, while this job role appears to be critical, it will allow you to evaluate how your actions have impacted the complete process.

3. Quick Increase in Successful Deployment

Prior to DevOps, deployment completion rates were lower than they are now because errors snuck into the code from the programming side. After implementing DevOps, the deployment success rates have increased since the DevOps Consulting teams are deploying applications on a regular basis and testing all the iterations for problems continuously. Because of this, even if there are bugs, they can be discovered considerably earlier in the development process. As a result, the amount of time it takes to recoup has been reduced.

  1. Be The Best Communicator

As previously stated, DevOps culture is about establishing a link between different departments. And communication is, without a doubt, the most important factor of the entire process. Problems such as stumbling blocks or delays in the production process are possible during the manufacturing process. The involvement of many teams occurs throughout the production to delivery cycle, and a well-functioning DevOps team is essential to guarantee smooth coordination across these teams.

Furthermore, you will gain the skill to convey essential information in a simple manner, and you will quickly become the most effective communicator in the majority of meeting rooms.

  1. Demand Is Increasing Day-By-Day

It’s no shock that organizations all over the world are increasingly adopting DevOps-related technologies and processes for the continuous integration and delivery of software-based goods and services. As businesses strive to keep one step ahead of their competitors by implementing DevOps-related technology, the need for DevOps specialists is increasing.

Job advertisements for DevOps positions on leading job search websites have increased by 75 percent, which is certainly a sure shot indicator of why you must pursue DevOps as your career.

Last Words

There are tons of jobs for DevOps on job sites if you do a quick search. What else is a good job option, if not this? You are not only choosing a professional route but also responsible for leading a culture transition and making it work for your firm.

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