Ways To Help Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Excel

Ways To Help Your Remote Digital Marketing Team Excel

Your remote digital marketing team accomplishes important things for your brand. It serves as the face of your company, coordinating and producing all materials representing the business. Even when your digital marketing team is operating remotely, it must still produce a quality product and still function as a cohesive unit within the company. Recently, folks have been studying the best ways to help your remote digital marketing team to perform at the top of its game. 

1. Implement a Remote Work Policy

Structure is important in all realms and when your teams are working remotely, they need structure to establish the parameters of their work, as well as the expectations. The goal is for your marketers to deliver quality work, usually while collaborating productively with other team members. This kind of policy helps to eliminate potentially bad habits before they take root.

A good policy accounts for every detail. Here are some examples of details that must be addressed:

  • Work hours
  • Eligibility and scope
  • Productivity measures and time tracking guidelines
  • Cybersecurity and confidentiality
  • Expenses
  • Communication expectations

2. Engage in Smarter Hiring Practices

Clarity is the key to almost everything and it is doubly true for hiring the right employees for the right jobs. Companies that are experiencing failures at their hiring initiatives are likely not being clear about what they want new employees to accomplish. 

There are a few essential questions that will help to define desired outcomes. Establishing a hiring methodology can help you to answer these questions:

  • Who do you want to hire?
  • Why make the hire?
  • Does the perspective marketer even want to work with your company? 

3. Create a Flexible Marketing Plan

Just as Prometheus monitoring can collect and store metrics as time-series data, a flexible marketing plan can get the best out of your team. A good manager thinks about the marketing team when creating SEO-friendly content, building a social media presence and optimizing email copy. 

Brainstorming ideas is a cornerstone of flexibility. Devising quarterly and yearly plans to achieve KPIs for multiple channels is an efficient way to reach all of your customers. You can also streamline the marketing process by automizing daily tasks. Available marketing automation software can help.

5. Employee Engagement

One of the disadvantages of remote work is the potential for employee disconnection. When the Covid pandemic struck and relegated everybody to home confinement, the workforce suddenly had to discover the benefits and drawbacks of a new working model. When you take out student loans, you understand and prepare for the process of repayment. Nobody knew how to prepare for remote work, except for those who’d previously engaged in it. 

Connection is an important tool for avoiding burnout and applying some fun and humor can be powerful in counteracting the feelings of isolation and overwhelmedness that sometimes accompanies remote work scenarios. This can look like many different things.

As a manager, you should gather and encourage feedback of all types, not only related to the work at hand, but about how the work is being done. Emphasizing virtual meet-ups is also a good idea because it’s always good to get the team back into one proverbial room. It can also be a good time to show employee appreciation, which is no less important than the work that they do for the company.

The health and ability of your digital marketing team are tantamount to your brand’s success. It’s the marketing team that reaches out to customers and prospects, potential investors and the community. It’s also the marketing team that polishes the image of your brand that you want the world to both to recognize and do business with. Figuring out ways to help it excel in its remote digital capacity will only strengthen your brand.