Top 5 Local SEO Tips to Improve your Real Estate Websites

Top 5 Local SEO Tips to Improve your Real Estate Websites

Real estate market is vigorously competitive, especially in major cities. One has to compete with thousands of real estate agents in the market as everyone is striving hard to increase their visibility. 

Competition in the real estate niche is even more fierce online, as there are a lot of marketing companies i.e; Grey Bricks Marketing. Searching for property and houses is increasing year by year. According to research 44% property buyers search for property online rather than physical search. People are searching for housing societies like Kingdom valley Islamabad, and Blue World City online rather than physical search. If your business is not visible online, then you are missing out a lot. Having a compelling  website, making sure you are visible in local searches, and getting yourself listed in major real estate platforms is the way to go. A solid online presence establishes your credibility for your business. If your clients can find you online, they may have a second thought about doing business with you. For this purpose an effective SEO should be a part of your overall digital marketing strategy. We are here with top 5 local SEO tips to improve your real estate website ranking. 

Start with an SEO Audit:

Before working towards your aim, you have to figure out where you are. An SEO audit helps you understand which websites are doing better and what are the improvements you need to make in order to make your website stand out among other real estate websites. Performing an audit can be a time taking process but it provides you all the information required to generate a road map for making your website come up on top in searches.

You have to figure out the following queries in order to establish a road map.

  • Does your site come up in any of the local ranked searches ?
  • Is the audience being generated authentic or inorganic ?
  • Are there any leads being generated or converted ?

Optimize for search:

When you are done with the audit , create a plan to remove all the bugs and issues in the website with the help of the audit results.

To make sure you don’t miss out on any of the problems , a systematic approach is the best way. After you have fixed all the errors and problems, look for other ways to optimize your website. 

Optimizing your website is a key factor in the “SEO game”. No matter how amazing your services or products are, if they are not appearing in the search then you will have a hard time making money from them. There are a lot of marketing strategies and decisions which are quite expensive, but luckily, optimizing your website for research is not. You can easily start it through simple methods i.e; using alt text, creating content, and detailed research about keywords. You just have to dedicate time and attention to this process, regardless of your budget. 

Make your website accesible:  

You have to make sure that everyone is able to access your websites with ease and interact smoothly with the seller on a local level and are able to propagate the businesses.

Screen readers assist the visually impaired, however if the internet site isn’t built with accessibility in mind, the impared users may suffer with the interaction on your website.

The developer has to keep in mind the target audience and make the user interaction as comfortable as possible so that the user may come back and visit the website again to get answers of any of its queries regarding the product or any services offered by the marketer.

Optimize for Mobile Phones:

The maximum traffic generated on the website comes from mobiles and portable devices. Many people use their smartphones as their sole computers, as it is their only way to visit websites. Some people often use their computers, but mostly people use their mobiles, as they carry their smartphones with them everywhere they go. Your website should be compatible on all sorts of devices so that every user can experience the user friendly interface of the website.Your website needs to focus on the following aspects in order to make the website user friendly and compatible for all sorts of devices.  

  • Design
  • Web page pace
  • Hosting speed
  • Homepage
  • Website online search
  • Website navigation
  • Conversions  and usability.

Get Social:

Social Media is not considered as an element of SEO ranking, it has been a hot topic of debate for some time now whether social media has an influence on SEO ranking or not. Many debate over the point that social media directly affects the SEO ranking.

Social Media  has a link to search engine optimization. Social media and SEO correlate through social signals. Those signals strengthen the factors that Google considers while ranking a website. The more you share useful content across social media, the more your audience will likely share the posts among followers and across their social media platforms, making your website visible to more people.