Three secrets of proper contextual advertising

Three secrets of proper contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is the most relevant advertising in the e-commerce world. And, since it is giving the customers what they exactly want, the ads are more likely to get high converting clicks and generate revenue for the business. 

So, contextual advertising is advertising in context to the customer’s needs and demands. This is understood by the keywords used by customers to search for their specific wants. Moreover, contextual advertising gained its demands when Google AdSense saw a great emergence and showed relevant advertising on websites to the customers. 

So, now that you know the basics, let us see in detail how it works.

Contextual advertising uses keywords and prompts up in the browsers of the customers. This widely depends on the browsing history of the customer. Contextual advertising picks up the search history and gives you ads of the most relevant categories. For example, if you search for lipstick or read a blog on cosmetics, then you will notice that the ads that show up are completely related to cosmetics. 

Also, these ads are pop-ups or banner ads and they change within a few seconds if not clicked. So, the customer has various options to choose from. This topic is so interesting and broad, that you can even prepare a dissertation or a thesis on it and secure an A+ grade simply by taking help from experts at 

But for now, here are the three secrets which we will reveal for proper contextual advertising.

#1 Creating Advertisements That Grab Attention

This is the most important step in contextual advertising. Companies sometimes tend to ignore it and just display the product or service that was searched by the customer. It may work sometimes but it is better to dedicate some time to the advertisement that has to be displayed. 

There are advertising agencies that specialize in these jobs, so you can either invest in them or create your own ideas. Whatever the case make sure that your ad is catchy and tempts the customer to click!

When you create the advertisement remember you just have few seconds to grab the attention of the customer, so you have to be the master of words. Choose your words precisely, and give the customer exactly what he wants (that is the reason why they are known as the target audience). The best trick to get the click is to play with the pricing. Even a 10% percent discount on the desired product is sure to let the customer explore the product. Plus, first-time huge discounts are a great hit among customers. 

So, plan your contextual advertising accordingly. Use your deals and discounts in the advertisement that the user cannot resist.

#2. Appropriate Use of Keywords & Placement of the Ads

You have to be very specific about the keywords as they are responsible for the placements of your ads. The browsers/websites that support contextual advertising place your ads in front of the relevant customer based on keyword searches. 

So, make sure to choose the right words. From spell check to word count be crisp and clear in your search words. When a person is looking at an income tax related page and you have a related service, your ad should come up with something like offering a bookkeeping service or help with income tax (and not anything unrelated).

Also, as soon as a person opens a webpage that is relevant to your product or service, your advertisement should show up. It should be aligned with the webpage. So, the right placement will get you clicks and help you gain the audience and customers that you are looking for. 

This also helps you in getting acquainted with the one-going stuff about your products/services and how your competitors are performing for those same set of keywords.

#3 Monitoring and Optimizing the ROI

Be very precise and transparent to pay to the websites/platforms that do contextual advertisements. See that the clicks and the impressions are in the right proportionate. Any site that gives dead clicks is merely wasting your money. So get it right or invest elsewhere. You have to be very attentive and keep an intricate track of your clicks. Also, see that the packages are within budget. You can try with the least one on the new sites and increase your frequency on the ones giving you results. Moreover, the demands and choices of consumers change continuously so see that you are aligned with the constant change happening around you.

Nonetheless, while paying for the ads make sure you are not paying for behavioral advertisements and paying exclusively for contextual advertising. Your ads should be completely in sync with the content of the website – this is so because contextual advertisements tend to get more clicks than behavioral advertisements. 

However, simply by watching your ROI, you keep a close watch on your ads and clicks, and that is how you can learn more about maximizing the returns. Google AdSense is one such platform that provides you with the best statistics of the clicks and the pages of contextual advertisements. 

To conclude

These are the three secrets of contextual advertising. The businesses that have used contextual advertising for their benefits have seen boosts in their sales and revenues. You may start slow but once you get a hold of it, contextual advertising may be a large part of your investment plan.

Contextual advertising is also safe and does not require too much intrusion of personal data. Also, psychologically people like to see the ad of the products related to the page they are on, and therefore people might get offended if you place a cooking ad on a finance content page. 

Moreover, contextual advertising allows you to connect more with customers. This type of advertising is not only affordable but has more capability of reaching the right audience than any other form of ads.

So, just implement the above secrets to the right use and you will see the difference. Also, you will learn a lot on the go. However, if you are missing the hits, do not give up, just keep trying with different combinations, and you will surely see success!