Things to consider when choosing a theme for your WooCommerce site

Things to consider when choosing a theme for your WooCommerce site

The best eCommerce plugin on WordPress is WooCommerce, and it is no surprise that it is the most used. It is straightforward and fits any user wanting to create an eCommerce site from their WordPress design. WooCommerce has different themes, and they have varying features; and we present you the issues to consider when choosing the best one. Picking any WooCommerce theme and using it for your online store does not guarantee results, and you can follow the following.

Outline your features

Before choosing your WooCommerce site, you should first outline the features you would want to have on your site. It is a project like any other and needs the planning phase to have everything right before starting. You can then have an overview of those features that you can go without and the priorities. You might have a design in mind, and with that, you can build from the ground up after getting the ideal WooCommerce theme to fit your needs.

The theme’s responsiveness

A huge chunk of online traffic is from mobile users; hence, a responsive WooCommerce theme is needed. You do not want to miss out on the huge numbers as using a non-responsive design can lead to usability issues, and users will not appreciate the experience. A responsive WooCommerce design should work well on tablets, smartphones, and desktops. You can find out by testing the themes yourself, and you can load them on various devices and check whether they achieve responsiveness. The Sage WordPress theme is an example of a responsive one, and it is a good option.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Your WooCommerce theme choice should be search engine friendly, as it makes it more visible online. Having a well-designed theme does not mean that everyone will find you, and with SEO, it is easier to rank higher on search engine results. Some of the critical SEO features for your eCommerce site include search, navigation, speed, headings, titles, and metadata. Proper consideration of these features makes your eCommerce site search engine friendly and also for users’ experience. Otherwise, you might experience low traffic, and it will not present a good return on investment.


Checkout is a critical part of an eCommerce site, as it determines the conversion rates. Users can shop and add products to the cart, but if the checkout is not convenient, they end up leaving the site. It is a massive problem among eCommerce sites, as many people abandon their carts when they get to checkout. It shows the importance of using an efficient checkout process. WooCommerce comes with a simple checkout and shopping cart, and it is possible to customize further to fit user needs. However, it requires extra coding. The checkout needs to be well-designed and easy to use to encourage users to complete their shopping, as they will trust the site, and it is also a helpful standout to promote the brand.


There are free and premium WooCommerce themes. The premium themes are higher quality than the free ones. Usually, they cost up to $100 and depending on what you are willing to invest, you can even get one for about $30, and they can vary in different marketplaces. WooCommere themes are suitable to transform your WordPress website, and you should choose the premium ones, as they come with more customization, security, and support from the developers. Top features on premium WooCommerce themes include good quality checkout design, responsiveness, and navigation. There are other factors in choosing a WooCommerce theme, but this guide gives you the most critical ones.