Digital Marketing for Franchises: Three Essential Strategies

The Three Essential Strategies for Digital Marketing for the Franchises

In the past few years, the entire franchise industry in the United States has witnessed ample growth. And as the franchise domain carries on developing, the competition between the franchise chains also increases. 

Do you have a franchise business? If yes, then it’s natural for you to think of ways to make it stand out from the rest. And the obvious way for it is digital marketing. Simply put, online or digital marketing can enable you to creatively promote the franchise business online for earning greater revenues and reaching increased customers. 

It’s natural to think why franchises need digital marketing? However, it’s equally essential to arrive at the correct digital marketing strategies. Here are three strategies that will help you manifold in your franchise business. 

  1. Local SEO

You can use local SEO to get high ranks on online search outcomes for your franchise. It will enable you to reach out to the local customers as well. A few essential local SEO statistics are:

  • 89% of people look for local businesses through their smartphones once a week at least
  • 71% of people search for businesses before visiting it for the initial time
  • 76% of the local searches lead to a phone call
  • 86% of people search for business locations by using Google Maps

The local SEO guidelines for franchise businesses

  • Begin with a good keyword search
  • Ensure that the NAP data is consistent all through online listings
  • Create a distinct and clear website structure
  • Get the links from reputed websites
  • Develop original content which has your location
  1. Content marketing

Today, content marketing is an intelligent strategy for developing online leads. It comprises of everything from videos, guides, blog posts, and infographics. Generating and posting custom content can place your franchise business as an authority. Some of the crucial content marketing statistics are:

  • About 90% of the companies resort to content marketing
  • 60% of the people search for a product or service after reading about it
  • About 82% of the consumers have a positive feeling about an organization after going through a custom content
  • Close to 68% of the people read about the brands which interest them
  • 78% of the CMOs think that custom content is going to be marketing’s future

The guidelines for content marketing for franchises are:

  • Begin with a correct keyword research
  • Promote the content on all social media platforms
  • Customize the content
  • Resort visual content for highlighting the business
  • Have a timely upload schedule
  1. Website design

The website design process is crucial as the website is the initial interaction between the franchise business and the potential consumers. And a good website design can urge the visitors to browse through the website for a long time than bouncing off. It sends a favorable sign to the search engines and enables the users to get the data they need to visit the franchise. The website design statistics are:

  • Close to 52% of the users check “about us” data on the websites
  • About 64% of the visitors wish to check the contact data on an organization’s site

Some of the best website design guidelines for the franchises are:

  • Streamline the navigation
  • Add the logo and branding
  • Opt-in for responsive design
  • Add distinct CTAs

These are three crucial digital marketing strategies that franchises can make use of. A few other strategies to count on are pay-per-click advertising, social media, online reputation management, and email marketing.