Do's and Don'ts of Website Development from a Business Perspective

The Red and Green Flags Businesses must follow for Website Development

We live in times where the human attention span has become shorter than that of a goldfish. Even the slightest of distractions can lead the user or the visitor away from your website, thus bounce rate increases.

In today’s world, where people have become more tech-savvy, it has become necessary for the website to have a proper landing page; the users should find it easy to navigate the site to find the things they like, etc.

With the emergence of mobile apps, organizations tend to overlook the impact that a perfectly built website can generate for their business. A website cannot solely survive on just design and content therefore you need to hire best web design and development company with creative web designers and expert web developers to build a professional website. Your website should communicate your message efficiently to the targeted audience. To ensure the success of your business online, you need to avoid Web design mistakes that will lead to the downfall of your website.

The deadly Mistakes that lead to the Failure of your Website

Not doing adequate Testing

Many times we see the case that even though the website is designed and developed with all the latest features and technologies, it doesn’t perform as per expectations in the market. Lack of adequate and quality testing plays a significant role in this. When the website is not tested on all the parameters, it does not yield outstanding results.

With inadequate testing, the productivity of the website gets hit. Thus, an organization must find the top web design and development companies that will perform adequate testing on the site to extract the best possible results.

Less Skilled Professionals

To save money, many organizations end up handing over their website development work to professionals who don’t possess enough skills in the art of website building.  As they don’t possess enough experience, the web development project tends to slip and often ends up being a complete failure. Hiring bad professionals will prove to be doubly disastrous for you as, along with losing money, you will lose precious time that goes into the website design and development process and lag behind your peers.

Ensure that you handover the project to a company that has a team of expert UI/UX designers and skilled developers.

Not focusing on Mobile-Friendliness

This is an era of smartphones, Period! No matter how brilliant your website is, if you overlook the massive number of audiences that use smartphones to access the majority of things, your website is bound to die a premature death. Organizations need to accept this fact and work on the mobile-friendliness of the website along with its desktop version.

If your website is not responsive and mobile-friendly, it will lose a large user base, and this would be one of the most significant factors that will lead to downfall of your website.

The website is Complex and Generic

If your website is too difficult to understand or too generic to be differentiated, sooner than later it will fall on its face in the market. Researches also show that the websites that are complex visually, experience lower traffic as compared to their counterparts that are simple in design and visuals.

In addition to this, if your website fails to convey the message to the targeted audience, it will fail to engage visitors and drive the desired results. If there are mistakes in the web design, then the visitors won’t feel connected to the website. The website visitors are bound to bounce out and never return. A beautiful and creative web design is a critical ingredient that helps your organization to win customers and also retain them.

While you have understood the significant mistakes that organizations make, leading to the downfall of their website, now is the time to look at the brighter side.

Effective Tips to Improve your Website

Remove the Clutter

Certain elements take the shine away from your website and distract the user from receiving the message you want to convey. Thus, pay attention and do not look to make your content too lengthy and use complicated animations. This will make your website cumbersome and will also take more time to load, thus distracting the user.

You need to be spot on while creating the first impression on the user as in this fast-moving tech world; a great first impression matters more than ever. Techniques of Creative website design and development should be implemented to make sure that you use the right terminology rather than obscure jargon.

Also, look to avoid the overused words in the content and make it more productive and customer-centric. This method will help your website rank higher in the Google rankings and make your site more appealing.

Call-to-Action is a must

Call-to-action is signboard of your website that will guide the visitor of what he/she is supposed to do next after visiting your site. It is very easy to fail at accurately placing the call-to-action buttons on the website.  To solve this issue, you need to have competent UI/UX designers who can understand the customer journey and place the buttons on the website with perfection. 

Once the users identify what your website offers quickly, it will compel them to return to your website and check out all the offers and products that you have in store for them. The call-to-action buttons must be simple, with a minimum, to the point texts.

Have a well-defined Plan

There is a famous saying that ”Anything without a plan is just a wish.”. The same goes in while developing a business website. Before designing and developing a website, you need to figure out the purpose of the site and map your targeted audiences. Then make sure that the website, during its development phase, is meeting every critical step and implement every tip that is needed to design the website.

Take note of every small step i.e. how the pages will look like, how the content will be presented to the viewer. Understanding this will help your team of web designers in designing a website that will convert more leads to reliable customers.

Planning for every step will help you track the design and development of the site in an orderly fashion. With proper planning, you can rectify the mistakes (if any) at that very same moment.

Don’t fear the White Space

White space is necessary for the aesthetics of your website, as it is an essential design element that helps to break the page and increase its readability. Proper usage of the white space will allow you to put the website’s design elements in order, which will increase the content prioritization on the site.

Look closely and understand if, on the website, white space is lacking in some pages. Review the strip elements and the content, and remove them if they are not necessary. Group the content on the website in an orderly fashion as it is one of the essential steps in website development and will enable the users to distinguish between the different content on the page.

Test, Test, Test

Be it developing a state-of-the-art website or dealing with the on-going pandemic; more testing remains the only option to rectify things. Make sure that you test your website thoroughly, going through every page, updating every stale content, changing designs or making small changes like presenting a button in a different colour.

Implement a variety of tests like A/B testing, setting up heat maps or doing multi-variant tests. Each testing process will help you reveal different things about the website and enable you to enhance your website pages.

Final words

A particular website can be the deciding factor in taking your business to the skies or not. Organizations need to understand that website design and development is a success, only when you keep the likes and dislikes of the target audience. Simple mistakes, no matter how small they are, can have a long-lasting impact on the customer’s memory. This, in the long run, will adversely affect your brand image and the market value.

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