The Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing

Marketing is the key when any company tries to sell any product. There are several aspects to which a solid marketing strategy is required for the success of any product. This is why companies need to think hard about marketing well before its launch. A product launched haphazardly, without a good marketing ploy, will find it tough to make a mark in the marketplace.

So, I am confident now you understand that marketing is essential. But exactly what kind of marketing and what product really needs in terms of marketing strategy? Marketing can be divided into two broad categories, namely digital marketing and traditional marketing. Let me describe them a bit so that you can know them better.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is anything which uses digital medium like the Internet or mobile applications For marketing communication. An ad on Facebook or any message that pops up while you are playing a free game on your mobile are examples of digital marketing. 

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is what we have seen all over the years before the advent of the internet. Print media like newspapers, magazines, and brochures, and outdoor media like panaflex and billboards are examples of traditional marketing.

What’s the Main Difference?

If you ask me about the difference, the main goal is to get the attraction of the target audience and engage them through an apt strategy. Now, with everyone using the internet in the palm of their hands, it looks like digital marketing has the upper hand. Inevitably, when billions of people are using a platform like Facebook, it is a medium through which a product can be sold. 

But there are companies who still use traditional marketing to their advantage and quite effectively too. Think about all the big marketing campaigns when I need your soft drink flavor launched by Pepsi or Coke. Or about the brand-new pair of sneakers by Nike. You must have seen huge billboards, ads in your favorite magazine, and newspapers. Surely, these companies know how to get the attention of their target market.

Some of you may think that traditional marketing is old fashioned, and it is not for everyone. And from the above example too, this may be your impression. But think about a small ad regarding space for rent in a local newspaper. Ads like that, especially in the weekend edition, get a high number of eyeballs. And the result is also very much in favor of the advertiser. 

Super Bowl ads are very famous, and there are companies who wait for this event to launch a new product. Over the years, we have seen memorable ads launched during halftime at the Super Bowl. All in all, the power of traditional marketing is very much intact, although there are few businesses now who go for it. 

So, the million-dollar question is, which type of marketing would be more visible for businesses. And keeping in mind the future trends and economic scenarios not just in a particular region, but all over the world. Let me offer you a few pros and cons of digital and traditional marketing so that you can understand exactly which one will prove beneficial for you.

Pros and Cons of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is impactful in a way that can attract millions of my balls in a matter of a few seconds. For example, television ads can be really helpful in raising awareness about a new product or service. Similarly, a half-page ad on the weekend edition of a prominent newspaper can also get good viewership. The ads on TV and newspapers are also memorable, and people still remember lots of them even after two or three decades. 

The problem with traditional marketing is that it is hard to measure the success or failure of a campaign, as in digital marketing. And certainly, the ads on TV or a big Billboard right in the middle of Downtown Dubai, are much more expensive then and add even on a prominent website. And there is no direct interaction between the customers and the company.

Pros and Cons of Digital Marketing

A good marketing strategy can be highly engaging as they are mostly based on mobile apps and famous social media networks. With over 2.6 Billion monthly active users just on Facebook, you can imagine the kind of impact you can create with smart marketing moves. And each and every ad is completely measurable in terms of cost, audience response, and result, to name a few. 

Furthermore, digital ads in marketing campaigns can be highly targeted with catering to just the right demographic a company has in mind. That’s where you need to consult an eminent digital marketing agency for the best results. 

When we talk about the negative aspects of digital marketing, one thing that is most obvious is that they are highly annoying. We see the same ads again and again on different websites when a company is trying to get our attention through behavioural remarketing. They are also less permanent as compared to traditional marketing like a physical add in a newspaper or a magazine. 

The most important and troublesome aspect for companies is that they have to continuously make changes in their marketing strategy. As the ad mediums like social media platforms are constantly evolving, companies have to remain one step ahead of their competition. Sometimes, they have to completely alter their marketing strategy, and it isn’t easy. 

Final Word

Whether you will talk about small businesses or startups, or big companies, you need to think about making marketing strategies that can work for your target audience. Devising the marketing strategy in this concern should be based upon how you can engage the maximum number of potential customers. If the strategy requires you to post an ad in a newspaper or place the product on a billboard, then you need to do it.

On the contrary, you also need to comply with the strategies then sending all the digital marketing aspects. If it requires the help of marketing from an SEO in Dubai or paid ads, be it. A good mix of both types of marketing can get you a large number of customers. In the end, it all depends upon your product and the strategy you are applying as both types of marketing can garner good results upon successful implementation. 

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Author Bio:

Muneeb Qadar Siddiqui is a digital marketer & brand strategist working at Branex – A web design & digital marketing agency. He loves to helps businesses and brands to improve their ROI and other business needs.