The changing role of advertising agencies today

The changing role of advertising agencies today

Gone are the days when advertising agencies used to design and develop advertisements for print media as well as television and radio. The emergence of digital technology that has affected our entire lives even transformed the advertising agencies, which are now an important marketing arm. Any top advertising agency in Toronto is now a facilitator for marketing activities that includes branding and brand promotion, creating content, and developing advanced marketing strategies.  Besides creating the ads, the advertising agency advises on the publishing plan and assists clients in their marketing efforts by working as partners and not just consultants. The widening of the role of advertising agencies has seen a transformation in its overall structure that now includes marketing professionals in addition to artists, developers, and content creators that constitute its new form.   

Here is how an advertising agency can help organizations today.

Choosing the advertising media and place of publication

The expanded scope of advertising agencies has included many new tasks that were earlier the prerogative of the clients. The agency first understands the client’s advertising objective, like what it wants to achieve through the campaign, whether it is for brand promotion or marketing, and the type of audience that the company wants to target. By analyzing the information, the advertising agency can advise the client about choosing the right media for publishing the ad, which can include social media, and use content strategies to make it more forceful.

 Branding and beyond

Advertising agencies have always supported their clients’ branding activities, but in the current context, they are more involved in delivering a complete branding experience.  The role of the agencies goes beyond creating brand awareness as it engages in building the brand image by sensitizing the people within the organization who learn how to uphold the brand through whatever activities their roles demand. The agencies use all types of media and channels for advertising, including outdoor advertising, to gain maximum brand visibility and then use creative content to generate engagement with the audience that keeps the brand in view always. The agency ensures that the brand message is consistent across all places wherever the brand finds any mention.

Strategic partners

Advertising agencies are no more mere publishing houses for advertisements but have become strategic partners of the clients by carrying their brief and dealing with the brand promotion in a holistic way. They will have a good understanding of the clients’ business processes and work towards upholding the products and services in a unique manner that appeals to the mind of the audience. The agencies handle much of the activities within the marketing experts’ domain as demanded by the new role of the advertising agencies.

Monitoring performance

Creating ads and launching the advertisement campaign, and monitoring it closely is now within the scope of the advertising agencies. They continuously monitor the campaign performance and use analytics to identify tangible gains in terms of conversions and revenue generation.

They keep improving the campaign on an ongoing basis for better results.