The Best Help for SEO Clients: Simplified Campaigns

The Best Help for SEO Clients: Simplified Campaigns

The technical side of the SEO business can sometimes overwhelm clients. There is way too much jargon and numbers for most people to hear regularly. Unfortunately, many SEO practitioners find this difficult to understand since most of them have such an affection for all things “nerdy.” Not true of your typical entrepreneurial client. Simplifying the SEO process as much as possible is the best thing you can do for them.

Define How You Work

Are you the type of person that obsesses over the technical details? If you are, you are choosing to let this part of your personality degrade your level of customer service. You’re not doing it on purpose; it’s just who you are. You have options: for example, find a partner or decide to change how you work.

You are in charge of how you work with your customers. For instance, suppose you want to peg out the satisfaction meter with most of them. In that case, you have to be willing to take a break from the technical, repetitive details and start focusing on developing beneficial strategies for your clients.

You may protest that you can’t let go of the technical details; details are what make SEO work! However, you can let go to some extent with the help of technology. It sounds ironic, but the trend is for technology to continue offloading SEO businesses of the repetitive tasks that make up much of what you do each day.

Learn to use available technology to streamline your internal processes. It will help you shake that feeling that while you are sweating over supporting your internal infrastructure, your competitor uses the latest 5G standalone core to sail away with your clients. So to avoid this, look for opportunities to automate all aspects of your SEO business.

Communicate Expectations Clearly

Keeping in mind that most of your clients won’t be as jazzed about SEO jargon and technical terms as you are, you should learn to communicate to your typical business owner in more tangible ways. Show them what a successful SEO campaign can mean to their bottom line in dollars and cents. That will get their attention.

But once they’re listening, don’t scare them away with hard-to-understand explanations of how the backend works. Instead, learn to express the workings of SEO in simplified word pictures your clients will appreciate. Compare SEO to activities like investing, gardening, fishing: any analogy you can think of where initial and continuous small efforts result in a bigger reward over time.

Boil SEO down to its fundamental elements—more traffic, lead generation and customer conversion. If your customers want more information on the internal workings of SEO, be willing to provide it. Take them as deep down the rabbit hole as they want to go. Let them know that they don’t need to worry about Ransomware because of your white hat SEO practices. Guide them to resources that will help them learn the ins and outs of the craft. However, keep letting them know that they don’t have to do that. You have mastered the technical details and automated your process to provide them with simplified explanations of what you are doing and how they will benefit.

Focus on Core Issues While Running the Campaign

Use the extra time you gain by leveraging automation and simplifying your communication process to plan your SEO campaigns thoroughly. Develop an individualized strategy for your clients detailing how you will implement SEO to increase their business. This area is the 20 percent of your business to which you will want to devote 80 percent of your effort.

Once you’ve formed a comprehensive plan, execute it with confidence. You’ve likely accessed parts of your intuition that were left unused. Your subconscious has rewarded you with an excellent program for an SEO campaign strategy. Don’t be afraid to tweak it a little, but don’t abandon it unless you think of a better one.

When you remove the mystery around SEO for your clients, you increase their overall satisfaction with your service. You also help yourself to see more clearly as you apply deep thinking to get your clients the results they expect.