How to use outsourcing services for lead generation in 3 easy steps

How to use outsourcing services for lead generation in 3 easy steps

Any individual, business or organization showing interest in your business is the lead for your business. So, now the question arises if I have 2 customers as of now and want 5 more customers by the end of the month, what should I do so that people start showing interest in my business?

For any business with millions of customers, do you think all the customers came naturally alone? No! Some of them might have come naturally by searching according to their needs. However, some might have seen an advertisement on TV, on Google, or on other social media, or they might have received a call, an email, any message, etc. So, that means the Business has marketed itself through digital marketing practices and have higher rankings on search engines or offline marketing efforts to increase its brand awareness and get leads.

Either your in-house team generates the lead or you can outsource a team of lead generation services to generate leads. In this article, you are going to find in-depth information on the use of outsourcing services for lead generation and also how outsourcing services impact your business. An outsourcing company can potentially be better for your lead generation than in-house for plenty of reasons. Brand awareness and more revenue are also the consequence of finding and nurturing potential leads. So, let’s know why outsourcing is important for generating leads:

Why is Outsourcing Lead Generation Important for Business?

  1. Brand Awareness – It is easy to feel like you need your branding to catch people’s attention. Whenever lead generation specialists will be calling your client, they will pass on knowledge about your brand, your services, and your offering. We all know that first impression matters the most; therefore, our first call must be the best call in order to close the deal. Your brand awareness also directly impacts your brand success and growth. 
  2. Guaranteed Skills – Often neglected way to generate leads is to make a process that will inspire trust. Innovative communication skills can do this with your client. A skilled person will communicate in a way that resonates with the prospect. A quick way to do it successfully is to show worth through actions, not just by words. Multiple skills are involved in the process, which requires training and development time. 
  3. In-depth Research- With successful research and profiling, you can create a pipeline of marketing-qualified leads that can be nurtured further on. You can have the most amazing product or service in the market but without knowing your target market, you are not going to make a sale.
  4. Better Client Profiling- Lead Generation is less about emotional triggers and more about communicating worth so that a rational decision can be made by the buyer. When the client profiling is done correctly, you will automatically be having data for future marketing and advertisement process. Converting the warm lead into hot lead becomes effortless if you know the client profile A-Z. 
  5. Lead Nurturing- It is the process of nurturing leads that are not ready to buy. It allows you to educate and convert lukewarm leads into hot leads. Successful lead nurturing can only be done by specialists in the process. It helps you gain your audience’s trust and increase sales. Listening to the need of your prospect, communicating solutions and following up with customers are the crucial part. 
  6. Qualified Leads- To develop a healthy sales pipeline qualification of the leads is essential. The basic way to evaluate the lead quality is by asking a series of questions and determining the answers. Your sales team requires hot leads and drive sales engagement to build up the revenue of the company. Meanwhile, the company can focus on other aspects like providing support to the client and other product development activities.

3 Easy ways to use outsourcing services to generate leads:

  1. Use outsourcing services to find a target audience that matches your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and collect their contact details. Identifying your target customer is very important in every business. Outsourcing should be your go-to plan when you have multiple products or services and you desire leads for every product. Hiring a professional with the required experience and knowledge will help you achieve better results.
  1. Use outsourcing services to contact your target audiences, via email, phone, and social networking platforms that fit the profile. In this way, your process will become more efficient and focused on a single task with good customer interaction as well. So the solution is to trust the experts and see your profits improve!
  1. Use outsourcing services to manage campaigns and fill the sales pipeline with qualified leads. By outsourcing the management of your lead you can team up with experts in the market. This will automatically eliminate the tedious task from your end and help you reach the target audience in more innovative ways. Working with an agency can give you access to resources and tools you wouldn’t otherwise have.

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Why Outsourcing lead generation services is better?

Lead generation outsourcing is 43% more efficient than generating leads in-house because lead generation companies have more expertise and specialists.

Save Money

If you hire an employee, along with salary, you have to pay employer tax, software cost, PF, training cost, HR cost, and many more. Therefore, Lead generation outsourcing is 63% less expensive than hiring someone in-house.

Save Training efforts

Any new employee takes at least three months to learn things. By outsourcing, from day one your leads will be generated by specialists. This way you will save time, money, and effort and concentrate on growing your business.

More Flexibility

You can increase or decrease the team size according to your business needs. If your business is increasing rapidly, you can upgrade the services hassle-free anytime and vice versa.

Save Time

With proper utilization of time; businesses can become more efficient and increase their productivity. By saving time in the outsourcing process, you can focus on more valuable tasks, and meanwhile, you can embrace automation and leverage analytics. 

No infrastructure setup

Research shows outsourcing services like call center can save 30% on the overall operational cost of the company which enables you to invest more in the upgradation of the product and services you are offering. 


For various reasons, opting for outsourcing services is better than an in-house lead generation team. All of these things appear to be very good but one needs to be careful in choosing the outsourcing companies you want to do your lead generation because the majority of your business revenue depends on it. Many generation companies would be providing similar services in the market and would be interested in taking up the contract because of heavy payouts and incentives but they may not have the best interests of your product at heart. There are plenty of cases where people spend a lot of time and money on an outsourcing company but see no results. So do the research properly, and invest your time in the process of selecting the vendor.

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