The 7 Must-read Books About Logo Design

The 7 Must-read Books About Logo Design

A well-designed logo is essential for any business. It is instantly recognizable, communicates your brand values, and inspires trust and confidence in your customers. For creating an eye-pleasing and memorable logo you need to learn about which business has what kind of logo and how to design it.

If you’re looking to create a logo that will help your business succeed, you need to learn about the principles of effective logo design. 

In this article, we are going to discuss 7 books that will teach you everything you need to know about creating an effective logo that represents your brand perfectly.

7 Must-read Books About Logo Design

Although there are several books published by the world’s famous designers, here we have discussed some of the most popular books about logo design you should read if you want to be a logo designer above average level

1. The Logo Design Book by Dan Brown

David Airey’s Logo Design Love is a comprehensive guide to creating strong logos. Airey begins by discussing the difference between good and bad logo design, and he provides examples of each. He then goes into detail about the various elements that make up a logo, such as color, typography, and iconography. 

He also offers advice on how to create a unique and memorable logo that will stand out from the crowd. The book is well-written and easy to understand, making it a valuable resource for any designer seeking to improve their logo design skills.

2. Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

Alina Wheeler’s book Designing Brand Identity is an essential guide for anyone looking to create a strong and memorable brand. Wheeler walks readers through the process of developing a brand identity, from researching competitors to creating a unique logo. She also includes helpful tips on how to keep the brand consistent across different media. With its clear and concise instructions, Designing Brand Identity is an indispensable resource for anyone interested in building a successful brand.

3. Identity Designed by David Airey

David Airey is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in brand identity design. His clients have included major international brands such as Coca-Cola, Sony, and Starbucks. Airey’s work has been featured in numerous publications, and he is also the author of the best-selling book “Logo Design Love.” 

In addition to his design work, Airey is also a passionate advocate for freedom of expression and creativity. He has written extensively on the importance of intellectual property rights, and he frequently speaks on the topic at conferences and events. Airey’s commitment to defending the rights of creators makes him an invaluable asset to the design community.

4. Logo Modernism by Jens Muller

If you’re a fan of modernist graphic design, then you’ll definitely want to check out Logo Modernism by Jens Muller. This massive book collects over 6,000 logos from the late 19th century to the present day, providing a fascinating overview of the evolution of this type of design. 

The book is arranged chronologically, so you can see how logo design has changed over time. But what’s really impressive is the sheer scope of the book – there are logos from all over the world, from major global brands to small local businesses. Whether you’re a design aficionado or just curious about how logos have evolved, Logo Modernism is well worth checking out.

5. Los Logos 8 by Gestalten

Los Logos 8 by Gestalten is a beautifully-designed book that showcases the work of some of the world’s best logo designers. Whether you’re a professional designer looking for inspiration or simply someone who appreciates good design, this book is sure to impress. 

The book features over 1,000 logos, organized into eight different chapters. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of logo design, such as color, typography, and symbolism. With so many logos to choose from, you’re sure to find some that you absolutely love. And if you’re not a designer yourself, don’t worry – the book also includes insightful interviews with some of the featured designers, so you can learn about their process and what goes into creating a truly great logo. If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves design, or if you just want to treat yourself to something special, Los Logos 8 by Gestalten is a perfect choice.

6. Marks of Excellence by Per Mollerup

In his book the marks of excellence, Per Mollerup argues that the design of logos and other trademarks is an important part of corporate identity. He provides examples of how the shape, color, and font of a logo can convey different messages about a company. For instance, a company that uses a circular logo may be seen as friendly and approachable, while a company with a sharp-edged logo may be perceived as cutting-edge and innovative.

In addition to shaping public perception, Mollerup believes that logos can also influence the behavior of employees. He cites research showing that people working for companies with strong branding are more likely to report higher levels of satisfaction and commitment. Ultimately, Mollerup makes a compelling case for the importance of good design in creating and maintaining a successful business.

7. Square, Circle, Triangle by Bruno Munari

In his book, Square, Circle, Triangle, Bruno Munari challenges readers to see the world in new ways. Through a series of playful exercises, he encourages us to look at everyday objects from different perspectives and to find hidden geometry in the world around us. The book is filled with Munari’s characteristic wit and humor, making it a delight to read as well as a valuable resource for anyone interested in design. 

Whether you’re a seasoned designer or just starting out, Square, Circle, Triangle is sure to inspire you to see the world in new and creative ways.


Now you know about the world’s famous books about logo design written by world-class logo designers and authors. These books will help you a lot in becoming a perfect logo designer as the authors have talked about useful tips and tricks as well as the basic fundamentals of designing a perfect logo. Nevertheless, if you want to hire a logo designer, you may go to the internet, and search for any logo design company by typing there “logo design Singapore” or any region in which you want this service.

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