The 6 Most Important Digital Skills to Develop Today

Technology is evolving, the world is becoming more digital, and the business landscape is finally catching up. Digital competencies are no longer reserved only for the tech sector; companies across the board are realizing just how important it is to hire knowledgeable, competent, and cross-disciplined employees. As a result, recruiters are now looking for more digital expertise and experience in new hires, thus forcing candidates to enhance their skill sets in order to remain competitive. No matter which job you are aiming for, here are some of the most important digital skills you should develop to ensure success:

1.     App and web development

Coding is at the core of all digital products and services. The most important programming languages employers are currently looking for in terms of app and web development include PHP/JavaScript, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery, and others. Expanding your knowledge of these languages and demonstrating your programming skills through a portfolio can be of great help in validating your capabilities and landing higher-paying positions. Knowledge and experience in app and web development can give you a great advantage over other job candidates. Programming will also be vital for newer technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, both fields with great personal and professional growth potential.

2.     Design and data visualization

Applications, websites, and other digital services all have one simple thing in common – a user interface. Any designer that has extensive experience in developing dynamic and effective user experiences will be highly regarded among tech companies and recruiters alike. Certain designers might also be able to visualize complicated data in an effort to help companies in making important business decisions. This capability is known as data visualization and is an incredibly beneficial skill that allows business leaders to leverage data in order to gain valuable insights. Designers often use tools like Power BI and Tableau for analyzing and visualizing data, which is an additional skill you might want to consider for increasing employability.

3.     Electronics and communications

Although often overlooked, electronics and communications are vital aspects of today’s business environment. This field usually involves installing control systems and electronic instruments, operating and adjusting equipment, connecting voice communication tools, and troubleshooting any issues that may arise. Creating and typing messages for transmission, as well as interpreting code and converting it to plain language in order to receive messages is also a common aspect. A certificate in this sector can be a brilliant upskill, but keep in mind you may need additional practical experience to make yourself more employable. Consider finding an apprenticeship or traineeship program with a reputable organization such as 1300apprentice to develop your skills. This is a great way to reach vocational excellence.

4.     Digital business analysis

Digital business analysis can help companies in making the best possible decisions. It provides an objective and independent perspective by using a number of established analysis techniques in order to make a convincing case for investing in certain digital solutions. Since digital transformation is vital to all businesses in the current economy, digital business analysis capabilities have quickly become some of the most sought-after skills job candidates can have on their resumes today. Digital business analysts are currently at the heart of all digital transformation projects. They aid companies in developing digital ecosystems of sophisticated technologies that will encourage digital transformation along with business growth and success.

5.     Project and product management

Digital project management is a vital tool in nearly all industries, enabling the development of digital services and products in a quicker and more cost-effective way. If you want to stand out as a job candidate, consider exploring methodologies like AGILE or SCRUM and putting them on your CV. It’s also crucial to understand the entire process of digital project development, from ideation and prototypes to finished products and services. Similarly, digital product management may be a valuable skill to expand. By developing, delivering, and refining digital products to thrive in specific markets, digital product management enables companies to continue growing and succeeding.

6.     Digital marketing strategies

Of course, digital marketing is still among the most important skills for companies across the board, enabling them to advertise their services and products more efficiently. Understanding how to leverage a broad range of networks in an effort to increase return on investment and boost revenue will be critical here. The most important skills for digital marketers at the moment include search engine optimization (SEO), user experience design (UX), content marketing, social media marketing, analytics tools, and other digital marketing tools. Regardless of the specific position you are going for, it’s recommended to focus on these competencies in order to make yourself a more attractive and desirable job candidate.

As technologies continue to evolve, companies are changing with them. If you want to advance your career and land a great job in this highly technical world, aim to develop some of the most important digital skills mentioned above.