Successful Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

Successful Manufacturing Marketing Strategies

Manufacturing marketing strategies have an individual approach, considering each business is different. Marketing strategies have to be tailored according to specific target markets and, more precisely, people within those markets. 

Companies and businesses want to reach a unique audience. But, in most cases, the people you are targeting aren’t ready to make purchasing decisions the moment you get in touch with them. 

On the other hand, some manufacturing companies rely on loyal customers, partnership deals, and word-of-mouth recommendations. To some extent, this can be a great strategy; however, never underestimate the importance of the online market.

Therefore, if you are looking for ways to target a bigger audience, we can help! In this short guide, we will go through a couple of manufacturing marketing strategies to help you skyrocket your business. 

Become a leader 

If you want your marketing to be effective, you need to position yourself as a leader in the manufacturing industry. In other words,  customers have to see that you bring experience and innovative ideas to the table. 

Another way to boost your reputation among the public and assume a leadership position is to sponsor or host webinars. You can also create a blog, publish papers documenting your industry knowledge, and even attend industry events. 

Use all SEO tools to your advantage

So far, marketing trends indicate that manufacturing companies tend to benefit the most when they target specific regions, for instance, where the company has locations and distributors. 

One of the great ways to generate traffic and draw attention to your services or products is to launch region-specific websites and use PPC ads and keywords to boost traffic. Therefore, when customers search for a “wire manufacturer in Miami,” your company will appear in search results. 

Focus on written content 

Content that makes sense is the essence of lead generation and online marketing. You can always write something that doesn’t have much to do with your business, but will it generate results? Of course not! 

A steady flow of content specifically designed for your manufacturing business should address customers’ needs, offer solutions, and stand out with authority. It’s important to create content that’s well written and provides information about products or services you are offering. 

It’s best to hire a professional writer for this job and explain what you are trying to accomplish with every single written piece. Also, make sure to improve the existing content on your website for a better appeal. 

Humanize your brand 

This is a very powerful way to beat the competition. Customers have had it enough with cold and detached brands. They want to see something new and innovative. They wish to experience conversation, value and finally be engaged. 

At this stage, it’s essential to show your human side and try to connect with your customers on all levels. For example, if you are offering CNC machining services, approach your customers from a different angle and provide an explanation for all the things related to your services. 

This way, you interact with customers and create a long-term relationship that leads to mutual respect and loyalty. You can also create campaigns similar to those “meet the team,” where you will share photos of your team members and company leaders, along with inspiring stories. 

Video marketing 

We’ve seen that people sometimes tend to skip written words and head to video content right away. To be honest, they don’t have to look at the video while going to work or doing something else. They will just press the play button to hear what the video is about. 

You can create informative videos about your company and services. Behind-scenes videos are an excellent way to approach your manufacturing process to customers and show how your products are being made. 

We also recommend employing customer testimonials and case studies to further demonstrate your value. 

Integrate social media 

If your company doesn’t have a social media page, it’s like you don’t exist. Social media is one of the best tools to increase customer loyalty and brand awareness. Additionally, you get to connect with clients in an organic way. 

While many will advise you to start with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, we suggest you begin with LinkedIn and build your presence there. 

Steps for adopting manufacturing marketing strategies

Establish your goals: you need to know what you are trying to achieve. Marketing contains a lot of metrics, so if you don’t have specific objectives, you can easily get off track. 

Create your marketing team: you need someone who will keep everything under control. In this case, your company can either hire a marketing agency, or you can decide to build your own marketing team. 

Define target audience: your business can’t run a successful marketing strategy if you don’t know who you will target. For example, if you manufacture CNC machines, you will not target people who have nothing to do with this industry. 

In this short guide, we tried to cover some key points that will help you start with manufacturing marketing strategies. For more details, make sure to explore this topic further.