Solutions Your Business Needs In 2022Solutions Your Business Needs In 2022

Solutions Your Business Needs In 2022

It’s fair to say that every owner is looking for new tools and techniques for scaling their business in 2022. Some ideas are better than others, but certain tactics have a particularly good track record of producing success. Here are five innovative business solutions that every entrepreneur should consider in the new year. 

1. Focus on Endpoint Security

Last year set a new record for cybercrime, with the global cost of data breaches estimated at $6 trillion. Endpoint security is the idea that to be effective, cybersecurity must be comprehensive. Every user device on your network must be secured at the same basic standard of protection (meaning antivirus software, firewalls, etc.), and every user’s credentials should be verified before access is granted.

Good endpoint security also requires awareness of the current threats. Malware and phishing attacks are a persistent and costly problem, so train employees to recognize these scams early on. Ransomware attacks have ballooned over the past few years, so investing in ransomware containment software is another step you might want to take. Make sure everyone in your network is on the same page when it comes to prioritizing digital safety.

2. Build a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel, or purchasing funnel, is a way of visualizing the journey your customer takes from prospect to buyer. The trick is always to make that journey as smooth and organic as possible. Your web presence is often the first taste consumers get of what you have to offer, so optimizing your landing page using color psychology and science-based layout design is a great start. Nurturing relationships with customers through the whole process is critical, so consider customer relationship management (CRM) software to aid in this, especially in the context of digital marketing campaigns. Treat everyone with the respect and value they deserve. 

3. Offer Great Customer Service

Once you have customers, the best way to earn their repeat business is by offering pain-free customer service options. Chatbots can certainly be useful in dealing with a large volume of concerns, but research shows that customers prefer the human touch here. Around 86% prefer it to wholly robotic assistance since no machine can convey nuance or empathy. Live chat is especially popular since it combines the best of both worlds, letting consumers reach out to brands on their own time and without the hassle of a call center. 

4. Create Strategic Partnerships

A powerful and rapidly-growing tactic for boosting sales is building partnerships with other entities. Networking with other businesses in the same industry gives your company the support and connections that it needs to thrive. This doesn’t necessarily mean partnering with sellers. Influencer marketing is taking off as social media platforms expand and diversify to fill new niches. Consider partnering with influencers on channels like YouTube or TikTok. Doing so gives your company both the audience it needs and the sense of legitimacy that only comes with word-of-mouth marketing. 

5. Branch Out

Growth looks different to every business, but it’s important to be proactive. For some companies, this might mean franchising. This means selling your business rights to independent operators. For others, it could mean diversifying offerings beyond one given niche. This is especially important to consider as cultural preferences change and new trends evolve. Others could benefit from ramping up the quality of their inventory to create a new point of distinction. Take a good look at your market research and internal analytics and then consider new opportunities for spreading your influence. 

There’s no one “right way” to generate business. Growing any company is just the sum of the smart decisions an entrepreneur makes along the way. Use these tips well in the new year.