Services provided by SEO agency in Singapore

Since search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective methods of generating new leads and orders for a business, a large number of businesses in Singapore are interested in hiring a competent digital marketing agency for SEO of their business website. While there are many agencies offering SEO services, businesses should be aware that the effectiveness of their SEO services in improving ranking will greatly differ. Hence it is important to check the services of the SEO agency in Singapore before selecting it. Some of the basic services which the SEO agency should offer are discussed below.

Ranking check

The SEO agency should have the tools to quickly check the ranking of the business websites in the various search engines like Google, Bing and Baidu for different keywords. These keywords are usually related to the product or service which the business is selling. Most businesses are selling a wide range of products or services, so typically there are more than twenty keywords for which a business wishes to rank well. So before starting SEO the business should provide a report of the ranking for various keywords. Also after SEO work is done, the ranking should improve, and reports of the improved ranking should also be available.

Keywords and content

One of the reasons why the business website is not ranking well for some keywords, is because it has little or no content which is related to the keywords of the products or services which it is selling. Hence the SEO agency should have the resources to create high quality content for the main services/products for the business. In some cases, it is necessary to also review the content of the competitors. The SEO agency will have to work closely with the marketing and sales team to ensure that the product/service description is complete, describes it properly.


While the website content is one factor affecting ranking, most of the search engines are considering the number and quality of backlinks to the website while ranking it. The search engine will usually rank the website with more back-links, more quality backlinks higher in the search engine, so the SEO agency will have to get quality back-links for the business website. Usually the seo agencies are offering different seo packages, which differ in the number of backlinks which the website will get. The packages which provide more back-links are usually more expensive.

Other services

Increasingly search engines are checking the website loading time while ranking the website in the ranking. They have observed that customers do not like waiting for the website to load. So the SEO agency will check the loading time for the website, and if it is more, they may make changes in the website design. It is also necessary to ensure that the website navigation is proper, that all the pages are easily accessed. This will also be checked by the SEO agency. Additionally, the agency will also provide periodic reports to their client, with information about the improvement in the ranking as the SEO agency improves the content and back-links of the website.