See Your Website Traffic Going Up with These Amazing SEO Tricks

See Your Website Traffic Going Up with These Amazing SEO Tricks

Being in the business arena; it is not enough to have a solution that drives value. It is equally necessary to place focus on your website too. This means you need to incorporate some techniques and use some tricks so that you can attract the maximum number of customers to your services.

One of the best ways to go about this; is to follow some effective SEO techniques. These will ultimately boost your website traffic and ensure that in the end, you have the maximum number of customers interested in what you provide.

As you read this article, you will understand the relevance of an SEO technique first. Next, you will get educated on the techniques whose successful adherence will help you to enhance the traffic of your site to a great extent.

So without much ado; let’s begin.

Relevance of Increasing Website Traffic

It is not enough to have a website. It is equally necessary you place focus on including some elements within the site so that you can gain more customers and in the end generate more sales.

To go about this, it is important to incorporate SEO within your business. In other words, include elements of SEO within your website so that you can boost your traffic exponentially. This will help you to drive profits as well to a great extent.

Here are some SEO techniques that digital marketers recommend.

  • Performing strong keyword research
  • Optimizing the title and meta tags
  • Creating content that is optimized

Observing the word ‘optimized’, I am sure you want to understand what it means. So, the basic definition of optimized is making an object as perfect, as effective; and as functional as possible. But when used from the digital marketers’ perspective, it means the creation of content that can reach the largest number of customers.

Interesting isn’t it?

Therefore, it becomes crucial to follow some steps and adopt some techniques. These help to boost the website traffic to a great extent and ensure maximum visitors remain interested in your services.

To go about this, it is necessary to follow some important SEO procedures. As you read the lines below; you will be educated on the techniques that would guarantee maximum website traffic in the end for you.

So here it goes.

How to Increase Website Traffic?

Focus on Building a Well-Designed Site

Before anything else, you must focus on the design of your site. This means you should avoid cluttering your site with extraneous files, and so on. Instead, try creating a sitemap. In other words, try creating a file that helps give access to the search engines having the necessary information which users would need. It is recommended to use a sitemap that makes it convenient for you to appear in Google News.

Have a look at the image below to get acquainted with the website builders that have been tried and tested over the years by businesses in assisting them in creating a site that is overall well-designed.

Image source:

Place Focus on a Topic You Know About Fully

The main purpose behind having a search engine is to help users get all-in-all authoritative results. Therefore, it is recommended to focus on creating content in a manner that depicts you have good knowledge of that.

Take, for instance, you want to help users with recipes of popular cuisines. Therefore, it is a good idea to place focus on food.

This also includes placing focus on specificity. This will ensure to build a strong web presence for you in the long run.

Examine the Best Performing Pages of Your Competitors

Competitor analysis is the best technique that businesses can adopt to guarantee the best results in the end. This is because, with enhanced awareness of the competitors’ work, you also get empowered with the elements missing in them, and if they are suitable to add within what you have to offer, thereby ensuring better results for you in the end.

This goes especially true when we are talking about enhancing the website traffic for your business through killer SEO techniques. The best way to go about this is to identify the pages that are performing the best for your competitors. This means you analyze and locate the exact area from where your competitors are gaining more organic traffic.

Doing so will help you achieve the following areas listed below-

  • Content/keyword gap
  • Link gap
  • Opportunity identification for enhancing existing content

Now you may be wondering, how to go about this? In other words, what are the strategies or ways to identify the best-performing pages of your competitor?

To go about this, you can use Semrush’s Organic Research tool. Thereafter, you can enter the competitor’s URL. This will help you understand the traffic and site performance. Next, open the ‘Pages’ tab on this screen. Thereafter, sort the page based on traffic. This is going to help you seamlessly locate the best-performing pages.

Have a look at this image below to identify how Semrush’s Organic Research tool performs this task.

Image source:

Once you have gotten knowledge on the pages that are performing the best, it is recommended to head to the Competitors Tab. This will educate you on the competing domains, providing insights on the common keywords along with their estimated traffic.

Image source:

Select Keywords Wisely

Along with being empowered with knowledge on the topic you want your site to focus upon, followed by sites performing best for your competitors and techniques for creating a well-designed site, it is equally necessary to select keywords wisely. In other words, use keywords relevant to the services you provide.

Keywords are those words that attract users to a particular site. Therefore, these elements must be as relevant as possible. Therefore, consider the articles, images, and so on, and prepare a summary of them in SEO-friendly terms. Also, add the keywords within the URL of your site, within the header tags, and so on.

Finally, work towards optimizing it to make the search process easy for your users and attract a maximum number of them to your site.

Focus on Performing SEO Audits

When I use the word SEO audits; what I mean to say is performing a thorough check of your site. This helps identify the potential issues in the site that may be a deterrent to gaining more organic traffic.

Therefore, to successfully boost the traffic for your website, place focus on the on-page SEO. This will flag issues concerning the areas that are listed below-

  • Speed
  • Identifying the presence of duplicate content if any
  • Getting knowledge of the search engine updates
  • Optimization level of the site on different mobile devices

On flagging these issues, it becomes easier to select an SEO strategy in sync with Google to enhance your traffic at a greater rate.

Optimize and Re-Optimize Content

As per a recent study, a long tail in search traffic is a reality. You can read more about this at importance of the long tail in search engine marketing.

You, therefore, need to revamp and modify your content as much as possible.

Follow the below steps to perform this task:

  • Identify content that requires updates
  • Enhance the title and meta description
  • Assign a new publish date
  • Use suitable tags and categories

All these steps will help users identify your offerings and support you to promote your content across different marketing channels.

Make Your Website Mobile Optimized

This is one interesting SEO technique that helps to boost your website traffic.

Let’s face it, in the technology-driven world that we are living in, it becomes important for businesses to have a website that loads fast. This will ensure that the ranking of the site on the mobile device goes up categorically too.

Therefore, it is recommended to implement the mobile optimization strategy. This strategy includes enhancing the website content. This is to ensure an overall customized experience for users accessing a particular site from their mobile device.

It will empower your business with the following advantages-

  • Extensive customer reach
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction rate
  • Improved website reputation

Prepare High-Quality Content

Another strategy for enriching and augmenting website traffic is preparing high-quality content.

Doing so will help you to achieve the following-

  • Greater traffic
  • More conversions
  • Enhanced brand engagement
  • Increased search ranking on Google

Thus, ensure that you create unique and relevant content. It’s going to help visitors gain an overall satisfactory user experience.

Have a look at these stats to gain an insight into the relevance of producing high-quality content-

  • According to the HubSpot State of Marketing Report, 2021, around 82% of marketers actively utilize content marketing.
  • 60% of marketers measure the success of their content marketing strategy through the mode of sales.
  • Web traffic is the topmost measurement of success for content marketing strategies.

Looking at these figures, I am sure you can understand better the relevance of including high-quality content on your website.

Along with these areas, place focus on the elements listed below-

  • Enhance the website speed
  • Use header tags
  • Use high-quality images and video marketing
  • Enhance the web design and layout
  • Install the social sharing buttons
  • Maintain internal links and back-links

Placing focus across all these areas will help maximum users gain knowledge about your site, thereby making it easy for you to enhance its traffic.

Summing Up

It is undoubtedly a million-dollar feeling to be in the top ranks. This is especially when you are a new business venture. Therefore, you should adopt and incorporate SEO strategies when designing your website.

Understand that SEO is a sure-shot medium for your business to gain more traffic, and ensure it becomes a brand in a short time. It is however not enough to only have access to this intermediary. It is equally relevant to follow some steps, and techniques while using it. This will help you to increase the website traffic exponentially by a favorable percentage.

You can consider getting connected to a digital marketing agency possessing proficiency in the latest SEO techniques. They will partner with you to drive website traffic for you; thereby accelerating customer base and profits both side-by-side.


Author Bio:

Anita Shah is a project coordinator at XongoLab Technologies, which specializes in iOS & Android app development and provides mobile app solutions for startups to established businesses. As a hobby, I love to write about the latest mobile technologies, app development, app marketing, startup, business, and mobile app SEO.

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