Reasons Why All Shopify Stores Should Use Custom Packaging

Reasons Why All Shopify Stores Should Use Custom Packaging

In today’s world, the internet has given us more access to things, even those out of reach. The internet has made a lot of things easier and possible. One of these is setting up online businesses that make way for people to have employment and earn money. 

Using the internet has been an innovative tool that overcame distances with the exchange of information. Today, the simple exchange of products and services as well. It also plays a major part as the pandemic maximizes the hindrances of social contact. Merchants, professionals, and even students highly depend on the power of the internet.

 Are you familiar with the term, “Shopify?”

Shopify is an electronic commerce (eCommerce) platform that allows the exchange of products, services, and lets you earn profit through the internet. It is a place where you can build your virtual store and market profitable goods and services. 

It also has online and offline features. Through online, your transaction would be contactless. Through offline, you may boost the sales of your physical store through the platform. Shopify keeps your store well-managed as it will provide reports of your sales performance. It will help you give in-depth views of how your store and customers react to different factors. Shopify also gives you a wonderful experience by providing various support for both experts and beginners. 

The Product Packaging

Customers consider not only the product alone, but pay expert attention to the packaging as well. Considering that products might be shipped from place to place, flexible packaging is a must because it will protect its content and endure the environment. Also, customers nowadays develop a certain interest and love for customized packaging. 

Here are the perks of using customized packaging:

  • Increases Brand Recognition

A definite brand packaging gives a good mark on your products. It will provide better recognition, such as how famous brands do. The identification will provide a better impact not only on what’s inside but also on the packaging. Customized packaging will lessen the cost of marketing products. It will also reduce the hazardous effects on the environment. It marks one of the ethical brand definitions. 

Last, as the packaging gets more attention because of its creative customization, your customers would willingly or unknowingly promote your brand identity as it would be, ”Instagrammable.” This way, you will gain more opportunities for possible audiences to interact with your products.

  • Ensure Returning Customers 

Providing a combo (high quality-functional product + wrapped in a labor of love), it is not impossible to gain returning customers to pay the price of your services. 

Customers usually explore and canvass the products that they opt to buy before deciding. If they arranged a transaction with you, you must grab the opportunity to win their trust. It is achievable not only by the quality of the main product. It also gives a memorable experience in terms of your packaging customization.

  • Thoughtful and Unique Unboxing Experience

You must wonder why there is a special support that unboxing videos on YouTube get. As an online seller, your packaging is the key to initial interaction with your customer. This cover adds up to their excitement, impression, and then its customization gives them a special feel, that what they bought is sufficient or more than what they have bargained for.

Here are some ideas to give your customers a bomb unboxing experience:

  • Include custom inserts to increase the element of surprise.
  • Write a personalized thank-you note. This way, your customers would appreciate your thoughtfulness and sincerity towards giving them a great service.
  • You may also include related information and instructions that would heighten their knowledge about the product and its matters.
  • Keep inner part presentable, just like the outside. If you can hook them with their first impression, don’t fail them with what’s more of it!
  • Create a Loyal Customer Base

Returning customers reflect the quality of your business. The act of returning to your shop just for products that can also be bought in other shops shows the excellent level of satisfaction that you have given upon them. It will result in building loyal customer bases that would sustain the garners of your business. Your business will continue to grow, have its image, and gain popularity. 

We know many people subscribing to your shop would get other customers curious. This will drive them to try it for their discovery. 

  • Custom Packaging is Practical

Custom packaging is practical in a way that you will have control over deciding what kind of packaging your product needs, thus lessens the wastage of materials that will be used.

Consider the following to attain practicality of your packaging:

Deciding the specific shape or form of packaging depending upon its function – to protect your product. This should ensure its safety different external factors, such as shipping it to a faraway place, and internal to which products’ sensitivity is recognized.

You can decide over what packaging inserts would suit your product to keep them in a certain position and provide additional security. 

You can also thrift your shipping costs as some couriers have their stated specific sizes with corresponding prices. This way, you will meet those limits and prevent yourself from being credited with additional charges.

Final Thoughts

As numbers of businesses grow with the hopes of success, you must find a way to separate yours and be unique. One way to stand out is to brand and provide the identity of your products. One of these ways is to customize packaging that is considered a marketing tool and strategy to promote your business.

Shopify, being an internet platform as it is, encourages you to be more creative with what you offer. Your product is the only connection that you have with your customer and it is not only the product that they buy but the experience. With that product, you should be able to give it your best shot, whether it is the primary object or the initial touch point.