Reasons to Choose the Microsoft eCommerce Platform

Reasons to Choose the Microsoft eCommerce Platform

Businesses are quickly adopting online transaction systems using the top eCommerce platforms. Businesses that do so can then reap the many benefits that the platforms offer. A good eCommerce platform ensures a company has its shop open round the clock and customers can access the web store from anywhere at any time, and the business cuts running costs significantly at the same time.

However, to succeed in online trading, a business needs to choose a reliable platform such as the Microsoft eCommerce platform that provides the best features and has many benefits.

Below are some of the reasons for choosing the Microsoft eCommerce platform for your online store:


Although doing business online has many benefits, it also poses some security risks since hackers or online criminals can try to infiltrate the system and steal crucial data. Also, criminals can siphon funds from bank accounts if they gain access to bank details and other online wallets. To avoid such risks, an excellent eCommerce platform will be secure enough to safeguard all of this data and prevent any criminal activity.

The Microsoft eCommerce platform has the most advanced and latest security features guaranteeing the security of both business and customer data. Furthermore, it enables access to business data from any location due to the use of Cloud storage. Also, it has anti-fraud features that will allow merchants to scrutinize each online transaction, judge the potential fraud score and reject or accept the transactions.


When looking for an online store platform, it is vital to choose one that is user-friendly, to allow the merchant to operate it efficiently, and perhaps more importantly, shoppers have a fantastic experience. Luckily, you can have an online store free of unnecessary complexity if you opt for a Microsoft eCommerce platform such as Virto Commerce.

The platform comes with a familiar, easy-to-use interface that allows the online store owners to conduct complex tasks such as inventory forecasting. And due to the easy integration with other programs, the online store platform is easy to link with other systems and works seamlessly.


Another fantastic feature of the Microsoft eCommerce platform is flexibility. Businesses can choose to deploy it on-premises or in the Cloud. Moreover, it is easy to make more customizations or add extensions without the risk of messing with the core product. Merchants can add functionality to their entire network with a simple click. The beauty of this feature is that it allows the customization of the eCommerce site to suit the business’s specific needs.

Great value

Businesses seeking to enjoy great value for their investment can never go wrong with the Microsoft eCommerce platform. With a cloud solution, companies can have quicker implementation and a low initial outlay for a better return on investment. Due to the easy upgradability, businesses can enjoy the most recent features that offer more value even as time goes by. Thus, the merchants get the best online platform for their online store at the best price, getting the most value for their investment. And even if there are cheaper solutions, they do not offer excellent features like the Microsoft eCommerce platform, eroding the savings.


With all the reasons cited in this article, businesses have every reason to choose the Microsoft eCommerce platform. It is secure, flexible, user-friendly, and offers excellent value for the investment.