Questions You Have To Include In Web Design Questionnaire

Questions You Have To Include In Web Design Questionnaire

Asking your clients about their needs and demands is an important strategy to ensure that you can create the right website. What is the purpose of that website? Clearly put, this is a digital platform that will help your client’s business go to the next level. But before you are going to design and develop a particular client website, it is important to evaluate the customer’s needs. Why so? Because you cannot act accordingly when you do not know the specific needs of the customer. That said, a website questionnaire should be crafted. 

To create a web design questionnaire is to let your client express their desires, expectations, and preferences. In this blog post, there are 7 questions that you must ask your customer. Asking those questions is like giving your agency a clear direction on what you should do in order to meet the technical needs of your customer. Hence, create a web site questionnaire and ask your client to answer it. The answers should be embedded in the mission, vision and goals of your customer. 

Do not jump into a conclusion that you can right away produce a converting website for a certain client. After closing the deal and inking the contract between you and the client, it is further needed to determine the specific demands of that particular customer. Of course, you have to address all possible roadblocks and obstacles which may come along your way. A website design questionnaire is helpful in this case. Why? This questionnaire contains specific questions which might clarify some aspects important for business website success.

Not just your client. You, being the web design services provider, also have your own expectations. You just have to connect your expectations to your client’s needs. By doing this, there can be an assurance that your client can have a great chance of hitting a competitive advantage. This must be part of the preparation and strategy that will be implemented to hit your client’s goals and objectives. Your client’s business goals will be achieved only when there is a harmonious approach to be done along the way. A smooth process is possible when the web design questionnaire is created and answered by your client. 

Questions in your web design questionnaire

Cited below are the specific questions which must be included in your website questionnaire. Before you are going to start coding the website, your client must answer all the given questions. 

1 What is the nature of your business? 

This is the first question. Did you know that this is the most important question of all the questions to be cited here? Why? Because asking this question is to draw the line. Being a website designer and developer, it must be your responsibility to understand your client’s business. When you are able to dissect the needs of your client, it is obvious that you can hit the goals and objectives. It is through asking this question where you can design and produce a website that will reap massive sales and revenues.

Your client’s website will only stand out when the users will stay on the site. To retain on your client’s site, it is a must that you will create a pro-user website. Take note, it is not about your own business (which is digital marketing in nature). It is rather about the business of your customer who will hire you because he or she believes in your professional capacity and technical know-how. So, you really have to ask the nature of your customer’s business. Otherwise, it can be difficult for you to meet his or her needs. 

The purpose of your customer’s business should be evaluated thoroughly. Why so? Client needs evaluation is a process of understanding what process is deemed appropriate as far as hitting growth and success is concerned. Remember that the site you will create has to reflect the brand of your customer’s business. The essence of a brand is the good stories that potential customers will know about a particular business. And through digital representation (with the use of a website), the potential customers of your client will know such stories.

2 What specific products would you like to produce? 

After knowing the purpose and nature of your customer’s business, it is about time to go to the next level – which is to produce the specific products. The products or services to be produced signify the solutions that your client’s company wants to make available on the market. You really have to ask this question. Why? This is a determinant or gauge for success. The bottom line is, you cannot grow and succeed to create a great website when you do not know the products that your client wants to produce for the potential market to grab. 

The website which will represent your client’s business online should have content. Take note that the target users are looking for great and helpful content. And for the content pages to rank on Google and other search engines, it is vital to use specific and relevant keywords. Did you know that those keywords should be related to the products or services your client will specify when you ask the above-cited question? This is the reason why you have to make sure that your client’s products or services should be specified before you are going to start creating and coding his or her website. 

3 Who is your potential market or target customers?

Of course, the products or services your client intends to produce should focus on a specific market. In this sense, market research must be conducted. Researching the market is akin to the process of understanding the basic needs of the target customers. Before you will create a website for your client, it is imperative that you conduct research to fully understand the main focus or potential market of your customer. By doing this, there can be an assurance that the site to be created and launched will meet the needs of the users.

Always remember that making people happy is the absolute rule of thumb which you must not circumvent. Any business will grow and succeed when such an entity knows how to please the audience. Every product, may it be digital or not, should be user-focused. Thus, your client’s website should be pro-user. Otherwise, it can be hard for you to bring your client’s business to the pedestal of success. It is going to be difficult for you to reach your client’s goals and objectives when the target customers are omitted. At the end of the day, it should be the potential market which has to be pleased and fulfilled. No one else. 

Did you know Google’s rule: Build a website for the users, not for anyone else? Okay? The main implication is that you have to please the users of your client’s website. Because it is your agency that is tasked to create such a website, it is your obligation to see to it that the users will be helped with respect to their problems and issues. Basically, the target users are looking for a relevant, usable and helpful website. For your client to stand out from the rest of the competitors, it is advised that you will create an engaging and helpful business website, not for anyone else but for the specific target market.

4 What are the business goals to hit? 

Designing a working and engaging website for a specific client should be based on particular goals and objectives. Hence, you have to ask this question: What are the specific goals of the website design project? If one of the goals is to increase brand awareness, then you have to create a relevant website that will help solidify the awareness level of the users. Take note that for a specific website to stand out online, it must be user-focused and demand-specific. The bottom line is, the site itself should provide basic help to the audience.

The content must be relevant and powerful. This is to make your client’s website really successful. When the content is helping the users, it means you are helping your client on the aspect of resolving people’s issues and problems. When the problems of the website users are resolved, it means your client’s brand can be recognized as a top provider of effective solutions. Your client’s site must be recognized as a go-to online resource. That every time the potential market may need specific solutions, it has to be the website of your customer to come out of their mind.

5 What sets your business unique from others? 

Business uniqueness is an important quality that a particular biz organization has to possess. Therefore, you have to ask a question related to this principle. Ask your client what sets him or her apart from others in the chosen business category. The answer/s to this question can be of big help as far as creating a unique selling proposition (UPS) is concerned. Remember that you need to craft a certain UPS which will be conveyed to the target audience. Most people want to have a unique selling point from a particular business entity. This is how you can bring your client’s brand to the next level.

Gaining competitive advantage is not that easy. Did you know that? Clearly said, you have to exert and apply relevant strategies and techniques in order to ensure that your client’s business will be recognized by the target customers. Pleasing the needs of the potential market is quite challenging. But it is doable so long as you know that there is a unique selling point on the part of your client. That your client is selling unique products or services to the audience. The website to be created should be based on the unique value of your client’s business. Hence, the question: What sets your business different from your competitors?

6 What improvements do you want your present website to have? 

Most probably, your client may already have an existing website. The only problem is that such a website is not working favorably. If a website is unfavorably working, it means it is not attracting the expected number of people. There are no sufficient leads which will supposedly lead to continuing sales and revenues. That said, there is a need to perform the so-called website redesigning. To redesign a particular website is a must for the purpose of getting the results that your client has ever wanted. Just revisit the elements and aspects of the website that are not working. 

For sure, the specific aspects you have to evaluate are the content structure, information architecture and overall web design. User experience should be given utmost importance. It is the experience of the users that has to be focused on in order to win the fierce business competition. In a given digital niche, there are a lot of business websites trying to be on top of Google and other search engines. Your client’s site might only be one of so many websites trying to lure Google’s algorithms and sets of rules for ranking. This is the main emphasis on how you are going to redesign the website. Make sure that it is pro-user and it can qualify with what Google and other search engines are looking for. 

7 Who are your business competitors? 

Evaluating the competitors of your client is important for success. You cannot help your client, apparently, when you do not know what his or her competitors are actually doing. That said, you have to establish some great and relevant facts about your customer’s competitors. The facts and data are essential for the purpose of creating a relevant and helpful website. For sure, your client’s business and brand can go to the next level when the website to be produced will gain a competitive edge. 

To scout the competitors’ performance should be part of the entire business strategy and process. The point is, you have to make sure that you understand what your client’s competitors are basically doing. Their success should be utilized as motivation and inspiration for you to create a successful client’s website. Take note that your client will be investing money with the expectation that he or she will be reaping good and favorable results. You cannot realize this when you do not know why your client’s competitors are enjoying success. 

You will be tasked to create a website that will work favorably by engaging the target customers, right? If your client already has a website, you have to revisit this aspect, Study your client’s competitors. Know the reasons why their website is performing better than your client. When it comes to keywords, why are your client’s competitors performing well on Google? What sets them apart from your client? When you get data and information regarding this matter, it can then be easy for you to come up with a synthesis on how you can improve your client’s website.

Conclusion: Focus on results!

The last thing you have to understand here is you have to make your client really happy. Be reminded that it is quite necessary to focus on results. Nothing else. Having said that, you are required to create a web design questionnaire that has questions cited and explained above. All the given questions can make you effective as a provider of the needed web design services. Your business will have the edge to compete strongly when you are able to serve your clients well. Make your clients happy and satisfied and, for sure, your digital marketing services will be sought by many potential customers.