Q&A: Kinney on Guiding the Customer Journey

Q&A: Kinney on Guiding the Customer Journey

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Brands today have more data and marketing channels than ever, which can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to shaping the customer journey. Chief Marketer recently chatted with Kenneth Kinney to get his perspective on where brands can improve when it comes to data, social media and content marketing.

Kinney is a digital marketing consultant and host of the marketing podcast “ A Shark’s Perspective. ”

CHIEF MARKETER: Marketers today are blessed and cursed with a bounty of data. Are they doing a good job at making sense of it all? KINNEY: What you find a lot of times is that too many people are still living in silos with data. A lot of people A/B test, but don’t coordinate on how [it influenced] the customer journey. If you’re giving customers 10 or 20 messages that don’t tell a complete story, that’s going to confuse them. Taking mindful insights from data is where companies fail. CM: Social media is one area that is generating a lot of data for brands. Are they effectively optimizing those engagements?

KINNEY: Social interaction is a complete fumble by some brands. One of the biggest issues today is social media and reputation. If someone searches and sees negative reviews, that will turn them off.