How To Take A Content-First Approach When Telling Your Brand's Story

How To Take A Content-First Approach When Telling Your Brand’s Story

Pexels Pexels We’re in a new era of media consumption, where consumers hold all the cards. Gone are the days when a small number of massive media outlets determined what consumers watched or read, and when. We now live in a world where a vast amount of content is available with a click, a swipe or a “Hey, Alexa.” In the old days, advertising simply tagged along with content as it was pushed out to consumers.

Today, however, media is pulled, not pushed. And if you’re a marketer who wants your content to be consumed, it better be good, relevant and valuable. That goes double for advertising. In today’s pull media world, ads are ignored like never before. Only the ads that offer as much value, relevance and information as the content consumers seek are engaged with today. Ads that are native to the page and content-driven.

Ads that tell a story.

Creating a digital marketing strategy centered around content — because it’s one of the best ways to ensure consumer engagement — is a strategy we call “content-first.” Here’s what we mean: Craft A Compelling Narrative One of the biggest shifts in thinking among leading brands today is that they tend to think more like content creators than advertisers. But to be a great storyteller, you must first have a great story. So, create a narrative that attracts and captivates consumers.