Marketing Automation for mobile – the key steps

Even just a few years ago, people would have probably not been able to predict the rise of mobile. We still were tied to our laptops or our desktops, and mobile was a convenience.

But now, mobile has become a way of life—and that’s only going to increase. Now there are whole swaths of mobile-only internet users; that number is expected to jump to about 50 million people by just 2021—not too far in the future.

Of course, the changing nature and acceptance of mobile means that marketing has to adjust too. And the marketers that embrace that are the ones that are going to be successful. And the ones that automate those messages and learn how to segment those audiences are the ones that are going to see the best results.

So what does all that mean—marketing automation and mobile marketing? This graphic explains it.

What Is Mobile Marketing Automation?

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