Leveraging Your Website for Marketing: A Guide

Websites are the perfect place to base your digital marketing strategy. Not only are they your home on the internet – advertising your brand and your products to all visitors that you draw in – but it’s also your base from which your SEO strategy will be conducted, helping your website rise in Google’s search results. In the guide that follows, you’ll learn what you should do to your website – and what changes you should make –to ensure that your business is leveraging its website correctly in 2020 and beyond. 


In all that follows, the key ingredient to keep in mind is SEO. Search Engine Optimization entails the savvy changes you should make to your website to impress the crawling algorithms deployed by search engine companies such as Google. These changes might include:

  • Ensuring your sitemap is well set up in the backend, to help crawlers navigate your site
  • Labeling all of the elements that you use on your website, which allows the algorithms to identify and rate them
  • Making sure your text is original and non-repetitive so that it’s regarded as good content
  • Hosting multimedia content on your web pages, which is seen as positive by Google
  • Ensuring that headers and other webpage features are accessible for Google’s tracker to read

As you’ll see, plenty of this work is only possible if you have a professional web designer on your team. To outsource this responsibility, look to providers of web development Birmingham to help you align your website with SEO requirements.

Start a Blog

Why do so many businesses have a blog? It’s not because they have a budding wordsmith in their team who just can’t stop writing about their business and their products – it’s because a blog is one of the best ways to attract unique visitors to your website, where they may eventually part with their cash.

Blog posts, written in plain text but also embellished with multimedia, should make use of keywords and phrases that you feel are most important for attracting your target demographic to your website. DO your keyword research before writing a blog post to ensure you’re latching onto the best attention for your firm.

Online Adverts

Advertising online is a huge, huge industry. From the very beginnings of the internet, advertising has been the main revenue generator for a wide variety of businesses – including some of the world’s largest. On your website, you can use advertising in the following ways:

  • To make money, promoting other businesses on your own web pages
  • To advertise your own products, on your pages and across the web

In both cases, it’s well worth looking into the providers of these adverts to see what kind of return on your investment you might be due after engaging with an online advertising firm. Leverage your website to make adverts more profitable for your business – adding another string to your bow and another revenue stream to your business model.

There you have it: some of the key ways that you should leverage your website for advertising and marketing in the modern, digital, and online-first business era.