Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Employee Onboarding and Brand Advocacy

Leveraging Social Media Marketing for Employee Onboarding and Brand Advocacy

The way people communicate has been transformed by social media, with a particularly significant impact on individuals in the business world. Companies that leverage social media effectively can build brand advocates, increase sales and customer loyalty, and improve employee engagement. One outstanding way to tap into the true potential of social media is by integrating it into employee onboarding programs.  These programs not only help new hires settle into their roles but also encourage them to tap into their personal networks to showcase and promote the company’s brand.

Leveraging Social Media for Employee Onboarding

Getting new hires up to speed can be effectively accomplished through the use of social media. It’s also a great way to build excitement and engagement pre-boarding, as well as introduce the company culture and values. 

Social media has an incredible ability to foster communication among new hires, making them feel connected to something greater than themselves. It creates a sense of belonging and helps them establish meaningful connections within the company.

The power of social media as a tool for employee advocacy is an essential element of an effective onboarding strategy. This involves sharing valuable company information with current employees who possess substantial followings on popular platforms like Twitter or Facebook. By leveraging their reach and influence, the word about our organization and its values can be spread in an authentic and engaging way. This will help spread awareness about what makes your organization unique, while also increasing its reach among potential candidates who may not know much about what makes you special yet. 

You can reach your target audience effectively if you hire an in-house team or outsource it to a marketing agency. Candidates and potential employees can be engaged through social media by hosting chats about various topics or posting questions on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, inquiring about what they would like to know about your company. Your company can benefit from this especially if you have hundreds of new employees who need some assistance when they begin working.

Enhancing Brand Advocacy through Social Media

Employee advocacy programs are a great way to get people talking about your company and its culture.

For employees to become brand advocates, they need to feel like they belong in their workplace community. And social media can help facilitate this feeling by encouraging them to connect with their coworkers outside of the office environment. 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram connect workers from different departments within an organization (or even different companies). Potential candidates can use these platforms to get information from current employees before committing to that company. 

Best Practices for for Employee Onboarding and Brand Advocacy

In addition to facilitating a smooth onboarding experience for new hires, when employee onboarding software is paired with social media, it becomes an effective tool for employee onboarding and brand advocacy. 

Incorporating social media platforms as part of the onboarding process can help set the right expectations for employees, enhance their sense of belonging, and contribute to both employee retention and recruiting efforts.

Here are some key strategies to consider:

1. Invite them to Check the to Company Social Media Accounts: Providing newly hired employees with access to social media accounts is essential. This allows them to gain insight into the company culture, observe ongoing activities, and understand their place within the larger organizational framework. By providing access, you encourage employees to explore the company’s online presence and foster a sense of connection even before their official start date.

2. Encourage Employee Content Creation: Motivate new hires to share their experiences on social media platforms. Encourage them to post photos or videos from events they attend during the employee onboarding process, such as orientation week or training classes. By sharing these moments, new employees not only document their journey but also create a positive impression of the company for their online networks.

3. Establish an Instagram Hashtag: Consider creating a dedicated Instagram hashtag specifically for new hires’ posts. This allows employees to tag their content and facilitates easy discovery for others who may not be directly connected with each individual. By consolidating these posts under a single hashtag, both current employees and prospective candidates can conveniently find content related to this specific group, rather than searching through all the posts made by anyone associated with the organization.

4. Provide Guidelines and Training: It is important to provide guidelines and training to employees regarding appropriate social media usage. Educate them about the company’s social media policy and emphasize the importance of maintaining professionalism and confidentiality while representing the organization online. By setting clear expectations, you ensure that employees understand the boundaries and are equipped to act as effective brand advocates.

5. Recognize and Amplify Employee Advocacy: Acknowledge and appreciate employees who actively engage in social media advocacy. Recognize their efforts by sharing or reposting their content, and highlight their contributions to the company’s social media channels. This recognition not only motivates employees to continue their advocacy efforts but also boosts their sense of pride and engagement with the organization.

Incorporating these best practices, employee onboarding programs can effectively leverage social media to enhance engagement, improve brand advocacy, and foster a positive online presence. Encouraging new hires to share their experiences on social media platforms not only benefits the organization but also provides an authentic perspective that can attract top talent and build a strong employer brand.


Leveraging social media platforms enables us to establish a meaningful connection between employees and the company, creating a sense of engagement and belonging. 

Using these platforms to facilitate open communication, foster collaboration, and cultivate a vibrant online community that keeps employees connected and invested in the company’s mission. 

Through the use of these platforms, you can encourage engagement among your workforce and increase brand advocacy. This can be done by creating a culture of collaboration between employees and customers through sharing stories or answering questions in real time on Facebook or Twitter, and even better if those stories are about how your business helped someone in need!