Learn how to market your Etsy business

Learn how to market your Etsy business

You have a passion and a talent, and you’ve built that into your Etsy shop. The site is ideal for people to find something unique and creative, adding a special touch to their home or find an exciting gift for that hard-to-buy-for person. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to get attention when you’re part of an online shop, especially when you’re starting.

How do you make a name for yourself without signage and foot traffic? Etsy business owners can try several things to develop a good following. Consider the following tips to increase your online presence and promote your merchandise.

1. Build a Reputation for Organization and Efficiency

A downfall of many small businesses is that they may take more time or experience delays, mainly if the company picks up faster than expected. Today’s shoppers don’t always want to wait. Patience wanes, and you could get poor reviews if items are late. Therefore, focus on developing a solid online reputation for getting orders done right and on time.

Make efforts to get your home business organized and running like clockwork, anticipating those rushes. Have supplies on hand to reduce wait times, and complete some projects ahead of time. Then, use warehouse labeling systems to locate your items immediately and get them into shipping. Ask people to review your processes once they receive your product.

2. Use Social Media Platforms

Potential shoppers are out there, currently scrolling through their social media forums. People spend almost every day (at least once if not more often) hopping on phones or tablets, learning about what others are doing. Social media, therefore, remains a critical avenue for gaining customers and exposure.

Advertising doesn’t always rely on seeing something once and then buying it. Instead, it’s a mental game. The more someone views a product or concept, the more likely they will seek it or desire it. The promotion they see may happen day after day. Eventually, they’re likely to get up on your Etsy page, dropping something in the cart. Social media continues to pop up ads to suit people’s interests, giving you an audience already somewhat geared toward your shop.

3. Find an Influencer

People follow particular people who have developed an online presence. These influencers produce content on social media and blogs, pushing products and concepts they love and fit their platform. While you may not have a large group of people loving your page, the influences have thousands flocking to their site daily. Seek one out and ask to be part of the platform.

The influencer may ask for part of the proceeds and a free product or service. After testing it out, they recommend it to their audience if they like it. This act garners you a lot of publicity with a targeted audience.

4. Learn How To Use Keywords

If you’re unfamiliar with online ranks, you may not understand the significance of a keyword search. It is essential to getting your shop to pop up more often and matching them with appropriate buyers.

How does it work? People tend to use similar phrases when they want to find something online, and the computer systems can track those sayings. Research what words people like to string together that would connect well with your items. Then, use those phrases on your Etsy shop page. Your store is more likely to pop up.

Final Thoughts

You’ve done most of the hard work, getting the store started and creating a solid product line. Now, build that audience up to bolster your sales and reputation. Learn to increase your online traffic with social media and influencers. Focus on completing accurate and efficient sales. Finally, let keywords work for you.