Launching an eCommerce site: Plugins you need

Launching an eCommerce site: Plugins you simply must have

The incredibly fast-expanding age of internet commerce points out a question: is the first step an e-commerce site or a product? In the last decade, electronic commerce achieved popularity worldwide. Still, at the start of this decade, the globe faced a pandemic where lockdown became the new “normal” and suddenly businesses and customers increasingly went “online”. So, it is the freedom to think that there is no person, at this moment, who doesn’t buy or play online. 

It is easier to sell something if you have a user-friendly e-commerce site whose availability is fast, worldwide, and has many useful plugins. WooCommerce is the most popular option and the must-have plugin to put the e-commerce site on the map.

We are about to discover game-changing plugins that will help your store be at the top of every customer’s list. However, to do that, there are the WooCommerce plugins that you must have. So, hold on tight.

WooCommerce Order Export – PRO

This is the PRO version of the plugin, which helps you export WooCommerce order data easily. It is an excellent plugin with many features that allows users to export data in different ways. 

Notable features: 

  • Export all data types 
  • Bunch of filters including the date ranges and report formats 
  • Remembers the orders that have already been exported
  • Multitude scheduled exports
  • Filtering orders by currency, discount, payment methods, and many more.
  • Export/Import settings 

All of this plus much more within the plugin comes with the most popular offer – only 49$ per year!

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping – PRO

Shipping is one of the key features in commerce, and when you feel overwhelmed with all the details about it – that is where this plugin steps in. It helps you improve the shipping game and maintain good relations with the customers. 

Some of the features:

  • Powerful way of setting up shipping zones
  • Multiple shipping methods such as flat-rate or local pickup
  • Add rule-based fee rates
  • Decide on the visibility of shipping methods

You are offered to create advanced shipping by paying only $8.99 a month or using one year of support for $79!

Direct Checkout for WooCommerce

Have you ever wanted to skip the card and go directly to the checkout? We bet your customers did, and with this plugin, you can make it possible. 

However, this means that you can reduce the duration of the checkout process and save precious time for your customers. The plugin introduces the amazing Buy Buttons that can be placed anywhere on your site.

By anywhere, it means not just a product page but for all products or individual products, your blog posts, widgets – wherever you decide. So, when a customer clicks this button, the product is added to the cart, and the customer is automatically directed to the checkout – skipping the card. 

If you remember that most unrealized purchases end at the cart, skipping it can boost your sales and make your electronic commerce hit new borders. With Direct checkout for WooCommerce, achieve it for free.

Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Do you find customer reviews important for your business? Probably, you do because 93% of consumers buy based on reviews. Most customers give up reviewing because it is long and complicated, but this plugin makes it easy and quick. 

Noteworthy features are customized emails to each customer, accessible review forms including ratings, images, voting, and filtering options allowing customers to ask questions.

WooCommerce Login Redirect PRO

Many users during login or registering struggle to find what they are looking for on your site, often wandering from page to page. So, this can be a poor user experience, and now you are in charge of changing it. 

This plug-in will help you improve the user experience by redirecting users to any particular page. According to your needs and goals, it allows you to redirect them to the blog page, cart page, or shop page. 

There are multiple features on redirecting based on user ID or custom role redirecting, just for $30.


As we said before, there is no need to discuss how crucial electronic commerce is, and managing an e-store is as challenging and complex as it is fun. It is hard to put every plugin you need in one article. However, these we mentioned previously will make your store easier to run and increase the possibility for the customers to “visit” it.