Is Local SEO Important For A Small Local Business Website?

Is Local SEO Important For A Small Local Business Website?

Local SEO is indispensable for every small business owner. It doesn’t really matter how irrelevant you think your business is. As long as you own a website, you can use the local SEO to increase sales and generate more revenue.

The increase in the use of mobile devices is increasing day by day. And on the other hand, internet usage on other devices is decreasing. Whether you want to attract customers from your mobile application, or through your website, implementing SEO on both is a must. Of course, you wouldn’t miss even a single chance to reach the right audience, right? All these statistics actually show us how important local SEO will be in the future. 

Moreover, SEO has a lot more benefits other than just driving more customers to your website. A few of them include:

  • By increasing your online visibility, it enables you to reach customers in your neighborhood much more easily.
  • It allows the business to be found through Google maps and other navigation apps.
  • It allows you to get ahead of other competitors in the region.
  • It helps mobile users find your business easily through search engines, directories or social media channels.
  • It increases organic traffic to your website and helps you gain more qualified leads.
  • Local SEO increases the website’s score and ranking in local searches.
  • The highest conversion (sales, search, etc.) levels of all local advertising channels can be achieved with local SEO.

Improving the local positioning of your online business can give you great joy when it comes to attracting new customers. So I’m going to give you a basic recipe to implement local SEO strategies in your business along with the foundation. But first, it’s better to understand the importance of local SEO. So without any further ado, let’s get right into the things that make SEO crucial for small businesses.

Now that you know the actual advantages of Local SEO, I’ll give you the right tips that you could use to make the most out of your investment and receive greater results! 

So How To Implement the Right SEO Strategies?

You might think SEO wouldn’t give you the right results. But trust me, SEO is the only marketing method that gives you the original leads, a huge amount of online traffic, and sales. Although SEO takes a while to deliver you the results, the outcomes are always legitimate and valuable! 

Below you’ll find the effective ways to implement strong SEO strategies:

Increasing the Website Authority is Crucial

Although Google says that sites that buy backlinks will penalize, getting backlinks properly has a positive effect, and not a negative one. There are many methods to create quality backlinks. However, getting backlinks from quality sites can be costly. In this regard, you can try alternative ways. 

When creating a backlink, you should aim to spread it over a certain period of time. In addition, make sure that backlinks are not just keyword-driven and provide diversity. Ways to earn backlinks include creating content backlinks and video backlinks. Errors made at the backlink stage while doing SEO work may cause the site to be penalized by Google. 

For this reason, be careful not to buy too many backlinks at the same time and to buy from sites related to your industry. Also, buying from local sites helps you rank locally. So this is the first thing you must bear in mind. 

Moreover, you could always turn to an expert local SEO agency to get professional assistance. There are several technical elements that you wouldn’t want to get indulged with. 

Social Media

What social media has to do with Local SEO, you might ask? Well, Google attaches great importance to signals coming from social media accounts. In this context, you need to take care to use social media accounts effectively. With traffic from social media, users can recognize your brand and then come to your site using the Google search engine. That’s how you drive traffic from one platform to another and get yourself enhanced leads. According to Statista, 88% of people from all over the world use social media platforms. So there’s no way we could miss this opportunity and fall behind our competitors. 

Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization is of great importance for sites that want to do SEO work. Those who make their websites mobile-friendly are one step ahead in this race. In addition, the development of Google’s mobile-first index increases the importance of mobile optimization. 

Google My Business

Those who have a local business must also have a local presence. Local SEO is gaining more and more importance nowadays. People who want to be found by different customers need to report and protect their online presence. 

The internet can be prepared as industry-specific platforms and local business data platforms. In addition to these, it is also possible to establish a local citation for the business thanks to blogs and similar applications. Most businesses make Google map records but do not perform optimization and necessary settings. 

The presence of the image of the businesses on the internet is not enough on its own. The created image must be realistic and accurate. In particular, name, services, business photos, video, address and other contact information must be presented accurately.

Moreover, responding to comments and questions about your business increases engagement and helps your business appear in search results.

Get as many reviews as possible. Today’s reviews were what a few years ago was word of mouth. After all, the opinion of users who have already bought that service is always worth more than anything else. Reviews are the most important part of any company’s online reputation. This is why companies must work hard to get the best possible reviews.

There are many different strategies to follow to get reviews on Google My Business. Some of them are more time consuming than others, but all have the potential for success if done correctly. Reviews should come from satisfied customers and should be honest and unbiased about the customer’s experience with your business.

Be Accessible

Anyone who wants to buy a product or hire a service prefers not to have to go too far to find it. So if they find what they’re looking for, then there’s a good chance of capturing new leads for the business or company. Being accessible is really important. 

Local Citations Must Be Clear and Precise

It’s a good idea to create local citations with your online business information. These citations should include your company’s name, address, and phone number. Every time you add or create an appointment online, you must ensure that the information is correct and complete. 

Listing in Local Online Directories is Also a Good Idea

One strategy that I personally think is quite useful is to get a listing in local directories. It always helps in getting a business listed in major online business directories like Google My Business, Yelp , Bing Places, Facebook, etc. This makes it easy for search engines to verify that a business is legitimate and that its details are correct.

Include New Blog Posts Often

Google favours fresh, consistent, and up-to-date content. My personal preference is to add content once a week. Also on social networks, if you have difficulty producing content, you can use timeless content.

By uploading posts, you want to keep customers engaged and provide the information they’re looking for. Adding posts regularly improves the user experience and increases the value of your business profile.  

This is the most crucial part of successful SEO. Apart from acquiring links from sponsorships and partners, the importance of link building for a business is undeniable. Do link optimization to the best of your ability by working to build a relationship with local sites associated with your industry. Ultimately, you will get links from high authority sites; this will also improve your ranking.

However, most of people start spamming the links in their content. That’s totally wrong! Google doesn’t appreciate link spamming and will remove your content. So make sure your content doesn’t contain the ideal amount of links.

Adopt Technical SEO

Technical SEO describes the process of structuring your web page, which allows crawlers to index and read your website correctly. Even if you produce great content, issues with technical SEO will hamper your website’s ability to achieve high SERP rankings. Therefore, you want to take stock of the quality of your content from a technical point of view. 

Integrate Keywords in the Description

Whenever possible, include the most relevant Google My Business Keywords and make sure to use them naturally. The last thing you want to do is force them, otherwise, you risk having your account permanently suspended for penalty-inducing violations.

Bottom Line

To work on the positioning of your business you will have to arm yourself with patience and dedicate a lot of love to it.

If you run a business and want local potential customers to be able to discover you online, you need to invest in local SEO efforts to increase your chance of survival, especially during these times of financial crisis. 

I hope this guide helps you in any way. This blog offers insight into the various aspects of the practice, from what it entails to how to qualify for the business listing, while evaluating whether it’s still worth it for small businesses. 

Author Bio

Mirza Ali Raza is an industry-leading digital marketer and has a fruitful experience in Search Engine Optimization. Working alongside with Local SEO Agency, he assists brands generate revenue and strives to propel their business to new heights. By having diverse skillset, Ali Raza has secured a remarkable spot in digital marketing sector.