Is Blogging Still Good for Content Marketing?

Is Blogging Still Good for Content Marketing?

Everyone has heard of content marketing and blogging today. These two are closely tied, and for a while, experts touted blogging as a crucial tool for content marketing, but it doesn’t have to be. 

When combined, they can do great things, but many people think that blogging is becoming outdated as a content marketing strategy. We have done some investigating to determine if that is true, so before you make any conclusions, stick around for a while. 

Blogs generate leads better than ads 

Companies that use blogging actively get 67% more leads than those that don’t. At the same time, they achieve greater lead growth while costing less. Generating leads on a blog is all about finding interested customers and getting their content information.

With this data, you can work further on engaging and nurturing your leads. In other words, not only can a blog be the source of your new content, but it can also help you learn more about your audiences and target the right people. 

They bring organic traffic that converts better

Every new piece of content on your blog is a chance to bring in new website visitors. A single blog post can be shared on social media, emails, or people can find it through their searches online. It’s a crucial aspect of blogging that does so many things for content marketing.

With the right keyword strategy and quality topics, blog posts can generate lots of organic traffic. This organic traffic genuinely has an interest in what you talk about in your topics. However, it also makes it easier to promote products and services, as these readers are more open to trying them out. 

It helps improve SEO 

SEO is a big part of any blog or website. One of the goals of content marketing is to distribute the content you’ve created effectively. With blogging, you can do this over and over again, but this approach has multiple benefits.

Each time you do it, you are improving your blog’s SEO because Google loves sites that produce new, unique, and relevant content. On top of that, each blog post is an opportunity to add keywords and rank for them in searches. 

However, unlike advertisements, these posts can attract new visitors for a long period, not just while your campaign lasts. 

Over half of marketers believe that blogging is crucial 

Before you decide whether you should introduce blogging into your content marketing strategy, you should know what the rest of the industry is doing. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being innovative, but it doesn’t always mean that you’ll be successful. 

There are a lot of marketers out there, and they all want to achieve great results. According to research by Content Marketing Institute, 52% of marketers believe that blogging is the most crucial tactic of content marketing. 

It’s more important than newsletters and social media content that share second place with 40%. These numbers just show how valuable blogging is for content marketing if used correctly. 

Create content constantly 

Blogs are neverending hubs of creativity. No matter what industry you’re in, how big or small your business is, or what you’re trying to sell, there are always new subjects to discuss. On top of that, you can actually talk about engaging things that will grab your audience’s attention. 

It’s not about recycling the same things repeatedly but offering new insights or information that your customers would like to hear. In other words, you can always turn to your blog to produce new content, add new keywords, boost your SEO, build awareness, or drive traffic. 

Build your brand 

After building your blog, you have to start building your brand through it. There’s no point in providing valuable information and engaging your audience if you’re not promoting yourself or your organization. First of all, your blog should include brand visuals, including logos, colors, images, etc. 

However, you should also aim to position yourself as the thought leader and expert giving out exclusive knowledge. Each blog is a perfect opportunity to showcase your core brand values, tone, voice, messages, and visuals. 

Build trust with customers

Getting customers online isn’t an easy task. Even though people are already used to shopping online, they know that not all brands are reliable. On top of that, there are so many companies that offer similar products and services. 

It makes sense for customers to take things slow until they’ve figured out which companies they can trust. Blogging and content marketing, in general, can help you with this. Actively creating and sharing new content encourages customers to connect with your brand.

You have to be active while also sharing helpful information that will build your authority. Once you’ve increased trust with your audiences, they will be more open to engaging with your brand. 

It can facilitate all kinds of content marketing strategies

As you might know already, there are all kinds of content marketing tactics apart from blogging. What makes blogging special is that people can use it to produce and share all types of content. Apart from typically written blog posts, they can also facilitate: 

  • Whitepapers
  • Webinars
  • Quizzes
  • Ebooks
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos 

In other words, once you’ve established a blog, you can use it to push all kinds of content on your audiences. At the same time, blogs offer shareability across social media and email. They can also embed all sorts of tools, services, newsletters, and so on. 

Yes, it’s still very good

Blogs are definitely still very important in the content marketing world. In fact, over 85% of marketers today use blog posts within their strategies. It might seem like blogging is old news, but the game has just changed. 

Blogs aren’t exciting for some niches, but this doesn’t make them useless, not by a long shot. That’s why you should develop a blogging strategy and start producing the type of content that gets visitors hooked and helps you build trust. 

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