Investing In SEO A Good Idea For Business: 5 Ways To Convince Your Boss

Investing In SEO A Good Idea For Business: 5 Ways To Convince Your Boss

If you are working in a digital marketing agency, it might be easier for you to convince your boss to invest in SEO. But what if you work in a business that manufactures B2B products like plastic pipes? How do you then convince your superiors that SEO is one digital marketing strategy that they should totally be serious about and invest in? 

While digital marketing awareness is slowly growing across business niches, it might be difficult for some sections (aged decision-makers) to come to grasp how this domain actually works. This means that if you are a marketing executive looking to engineer a digital transformation in your organization, you have your work cut out. 

Thankfully, this article is something that can help you with your endeavors. In this article, we lead with experts offering SEO marketing services in Singapore. We ask them to guide us on how marketing executives and professionals can convince their bosses and superiors that investing in SEO is a good idea for their business. 

Making Your Boss Understand SEO and How it Works: Don’t Even Try

If you are an SEO or have been reading up on the topic, you share an enthusiasm for terms like DA, DR, Page Rank, Backlinks, Skyscraper Techniques, and more. 

That is all good, but do not even try to explain the same to your boss. Why do you ask? Well simply because they will not be interested. 

Your goal should be to talk to your boss and superiors in a language that they understand. Namely- 

  • Customers
  • Reach
  • Sales
  • Conversions
  • Revenues
  • Visibility
  • Awareness
  • Profits

In other words, leave the SEO talk aside and concentrate on how SEO can help them grow their business, improve sales, increase customers and build stronger bottom lines!

You need to explain to your boss that pursuing SEO can help in fulfilling targets that the business has set out for itself to achieve. This is why investing in this digital marketing strategy is important. 

Convincing your Boss for SEO Investments: A Step-By-Step Process

1 Make your Pitch Interesting

The first and probably your strongest hook is going to be the pitch. At this step, you need to outline the benefits that SEO can bring to your business. Try this. Rather than take them through everything from the beginning, it would be better to show them the end picture. Your SEO investments need to be tied to business goals and not vice versa. 

2 Draw out the Logic of what you are asking for- 

This is where it starts getting interesting and difficult. Here you need to come up with hard facts, numbers, and data. Try to compare the average monthly spending on traditional advertising and present how you will be able to achieve 2x of the same organically by investing in SEO. You need to use SEO tools, keyword research, and knowledge of where your business invests.

3 Plan the Process and the Roadmap for Execution

If you have been able to convince your boss through the first two steps, you now need to start working on the actual plan. Don’t complicate things by taking them through tools like AHREFS or MOZ. Rather show them how your business is facing as compared to your competitors. Point out health scores, DA, DR, Traffic Figures, and Ranking to drive home your point. 

4 Tell them how much it is going to cost- 

Everything is all good and done. The real question boils down to whether you will be getting the money for your SEO plans and executions. This is where you need to seek some time and prepare a complete blueprint aligned with the costs. Make sure to take in all considerations including SEO tools, content creation, paid guest posting, and more into the total costs.

5 Clarify all their doubts and reservations- 

Your boss is likely to go back into his cabin and find an article about how the paid ad is better than SEO. They are going to do it and you cannot stop them. What you can do is patiently dispel all the myths and rumors that you might have on the topic and subject. You need to take them through every doubt that they might have and harbor on the subject with proper explanations. 

The Final Takeaway

Ultimately your boss will ask you for a timeframe to see the results. Make sure that if you are starting from scratch, you give moderate estimates. This will allow you to seek investments for the next stage of the process. If you have any specific questions on SEO that you would like us to address, please let us know in the comments below.