Internet Marketing Tricks That Petting A Dog Can Teach You

Internet Marketing Tricks That Petting A Dog Can Teach You

Internet marketing is an essential part of business in today’s digital world. 

If you’re looking for an excuse to get a puppy, then here are some reasons that might just convince you. Because apart from those adoring eyes and tail wags releasing happy hormones into your brain, you can learn a thing or two about internet marketing from taking care of your pup! 

Here are a few internet marketing tricks that petting a dog can teach you. 

Make Time 

As much as your dog would love it, you can’t spend all day running around after them to pet them. But if you want to have a great pup-human relationship, it’s important to make time to spend with them. 

The same is true for internet marketing. You can’t throw together a quick bit of content and post it and hope it hits the spot. If you want your internet marketing efforts to see results, you’ll need to set aside time to actively work on it. 

This means forming a strategy, researching your target market, creating worthwhile content, posting regularly, and interacting with customers. If you don’t allocate time to doing these things, they can fall by the wayside and you’ll only end up shooting yourself in the foot! 

Cater To Your Target Market 

You can pat your dog on the head all you want, but if he keeps rolling over and asking for tummy tickles, you aren’t doing it right! The experience of petting your dog is going to be better for both of you if you give him love in the way he likes it. 

In the same vein, you can’t do internet marketing properly if you aren’t catering to exactly what your target market wants. Sure, you may get some interest, but you’ll never be truly successful at marketing until you understand what your customer wants and offer it to them. 

Take A Walk 

Dogs love walks! You only need to say the word, or jiggle the leash and it’s enough to set off full-blown excitement. 

We occasionally need a walk too! Sometimes stepping away from the screen can help you find the motivation you’ve been searching for, or spring to life new content ideas. 

We can’t guarantee you’ll be as excited as your dog about getting out for a bit, but taking a walk can help to reframe your mind. It also gets you breathing fresh air, gets the blood flowing, and helps burn some calories. 

Show Gratitude 

Technically, all your dog needs from you is food, water, and shelter. Petting is extra. But have you seen how those eyes turn into real puppy dog eyes when you’re giving them some love? 

It doesn’t take much for us to pet our pup. We can do it while we’re sitting in front of the TV, checking our emails, or even as we walk out the door. But they’re always ridiculously grateful for even the smallest bit of love. 

Imagine how customer engagement would change if we began showing intentional gratitude to our viewers/readers/fans? Thank them for their support, and see how it improves your business! 


Having a dog can teach us lots of new ways to approach our work life, customer engagement, and how we market ourselves to the world. 

Why not try changing things up and working a little differently using the tips above, and see what difference it makes? You may be surprised at what the future brings! 


Mike Powell is an enthusiastic dog-lover who believes they can make everything better, from work to relationships! He enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion about pups, dog nutrition, accessories, and health over at Dog Embassy