Innovate Your Digital Marketing Strategy With These Tools

Innovate Your Digital Marketing Strategy With These Tools

Technology has had a massive impact across multiple areas of our work, including our marketing strategies. However, it almost has battled creativity since the digital age can provide us answers at lightning speed, so our attention spans (not to mention our patience) have been drastically reduced in the process. 

However, there are multiple aspects within technology that allow for the development of new ideas and new tools. Innovation across digital marketing is ever-changing and growing, so there are many new tools and processes that you can experiment with to keep up with those changes. 

The latest marketing trends indicate that we should always try to get a step up on the competition and utilize these tools to help make things easier and optimize strategies. It can be challenging to narrow down which of these tools will be most helpful. Here are some of the most creative and excellent tools to help take your digital marketing strategies to the next level.


Hashtags are used in almost all areas of content and marketing across digital technology. Unfortunately, figuring out how to use them correctly is hard, and monitoring conversations across Instagram and Twitter can become complicated. 

Keyhole is a tracking system for keywords and hashtags, taking data in real-time and displaying results graphically so that they are easy to understand. 

This way, when you utilize hashtags in your marketing strategies across your content, you can find out how many people have used it along with the number of shares and likes received.

This tool is also a fantastic option to provide you with influencers who are engaging with your brand to develop a way to contact and negotiate with them to help promote more brand awareness, further growing your outreach. 

Lightricks Beatleap

Media marketing is all about visuals. So every colorful and visually appealing image you can muster will help keep your social media and advertisements more engaging to your target audience. The problem is, every other brand is doing the same thing – so there is a need for your brand to stand out.

Beatleap is a new app that aids in using audio to create a video, where you can automatically match songs with your video clips quickly and easily. You just upload your video footage, select the music and add effects, and voila – the app creates an incredible post that syncs directly with the music. These videos can be very beneficial if your audience is on TikTok – but the app can work with any social media platform.


Since we are discussing videos, it is crucial to note just how important they are as a selling tool, especially in today’s digital world. Videos now more than ever are converting consumers who are more likely to buy a product or service because they are persuaded by the videos. 

Videolean is perfect for creating promotional videos without having to know a lot about video editing or software. There are tons of templates available for you to choose from, and you can easily personalize it with your own design and content and then publish it. Developing videos with this tool is a great way to get on the video marketing train with little knowledge. Yet, it still provides high-quality videos for your audience to enjoy.

Your audience is a central focus directly related to your digital marketing strategy, so another vital component you’ll want to know is what consumers are saying. Knowing what your audience talks about can help develop topic clusters and content hubs to continually bring those clients back to your brand for products and services. helps you locate those conversations by collecting data from blogs, reviews, forums, and social media. You can stay updated on what blogs and media people are talking about related to your product or service so that you can hone in on those topic clusters and boost your SEO. You can also engage with your audience to offer the best solutions and identify areas that need improvements to manage your brand and stay on top of providing optimum service. 

Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

VWO is one of the best digital marketing tools to help you monitor your websites. You can identify where your visitors are coming from, as in, what is drawing them to look at your site, as well as details about how they use your site – what they are clicking on or scrolling to, or when they leave your site. 

Visual Website Optimizer also shows you multiple ways that you can display your pages and information. In addition, you efficiently perform A/B Testing with this tool, where you can create subtle changes to your site to see which version works the best. This testing is an excellent tool to monitor your website performance and quickly identify what is working to develop better strategies and bring in more visitors.


Email lists are one of the most tried and true ways to market, so if you are adamantly using your email marketing, this is a perfect tool to help you monitor them. You can integrate your email system, and it will let you know every time someone opens an email or an attachment on an email. 

This tool also helps to analyze your email campaign so that, like with the VWO, you can see what is working and tweak your content based on the results. It provides you with time management, too – you can program your emails to go out at specific times to help you with consistency.

With multiple new and innovative digital marketing tools on the market today, you can see what possibility is out there to continue to drive brand awareness and grow your business. However, technology is constantly evolving and changing, and it can be challenging to adjust to these digital transformations and keep up with marketing trends. 

Technology allows us to stay competitive to continually engage customers, so brands need to continue learning, testing, and finding innovative strategies. These digital tools help your business take a deeper look into systems, processes, and pain points to more efficiently strategize and develop strong marketing campaigns to provide the best solutions.